Monday, March 21, 2016

The craziest Member Present lesson of my mission


This week we had a busy week! Sorry there isn't a whole lot of details I was in a rush.

We awoke early and took the subway to the temple! That was so great and an awesome way to start the transfer. After we spent some time trying to recreate a picture that Elder Shurilla's dad took when he was a missionary here in Japan. After we headed back home and spent some time in Yokohama. Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan and it is huge! The eki is so hard to navigate. We went to Loft because elder Shurilla had birthday money and wanted to buy something exciting. We got really hung up with these humidifiers and a shower head haha. After that we continued our journey to the church, wrote emails, and bought groceries. When p-day ended we got a call from the assistants saying that we would be working with Brother Mills later in the week and to prepare a busy schedule for him. We ran, I mean booked it to the church to start trying to set up appointments. After that we streeted for the rest of the night, sadly no one exciting talked to us though. 

After a fantastic study, we ate lunch then went to Yamate for district meeting! It was a lot of fun, I love Yamate area a lot, it is really pretty and it covers all of downtown Yokohama. It is also where missionary work was dedicated for all of Asia! Imagine that! After district meeting we were super hungry so we had the idea to grab some donuts at a Hawaiin donut shop. As we were eating outside a man came up to us and said, "Mormons?" Uhh yeah! He introduced himself as a man from Taiwan looking for a church that his son could go to! He really wants his son to go to church, and join the church! It was an amazing miracle! Sadly he lives in Tokyo so we will be transferring him up to the north mission. We then came home and got off a little early to talk to people. We ate dinner, then went to Eikaiwa! It is a lot smaller than Kichijojis but I love it. We teach the beginner class! It is a lot of fun and the first time I have switched from advanced class on my mission. 

We woke up pretty anxious, the assistants told us that Brother Mills would be coming at 3:30 so we went through our normal studies then went to the church to weekly plan.  Eventually Brother Mills rolled up with the assistants. He is tall slender and has some pretty normal looking glasses. The first thing he says in some of the clearest Japanese I have heard, "where are you from?". We decided to let the other Elders take the first two hours with him finding. Which was good because our lessons we had planned were falling through left and right. We had some time to find with the assistants which was a lot of fun! I enjoyed working with Elder Livingston for some time. After which we met up the other Elders and went to Ramen with Brother Mills! Brother Mills is the managing director of MTC's in the world, so we got to learn a lot about how that all works. As we were leaving the restaurant the owners were Chinese, so Brother Mills walks up to them and started speaking fluent Chinese to them! That was pretty cool. Then Elder Shurilla and I went with Brother Mills to visit a less active. That was fun...he was observing how we used the pamphlets for teaching non Christians about God. It was pretty nerve wracking because we hardly used the pamphlets but instead taught to our investigators needs. That kind of scared us a little bit but when we left he said we did a good job of doing that instead of just not caring and teaching. We then visited another investigator and taught him using another pamphlet it worked really well. The member who was there drove us all to the church and we split. Brother Mills went to go Skype the MTC in South Africa and we ran home. Interesting day!

We had our studies cut a lot and went to Kawasaki for a discussion about the pamphlets with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. It was really good, I felt kind of bad because he said to be honest so we all gave him a lot of feedback. Most of my feedback dealt with the way the pamphlets were distributed and made electronically. President Wada gave me a big smile and thumbs up at the end, I think he liked my honesty, haha. It was really good in the end though. After we went to shabu shabu with some other zone leaders and went to Yokosuka for district meeting, it was good. Then we came home ate dinner, and went to a lesson with our Rwandan investigators. They are so kind! It was great being with them, as we were talking another man walks in from the Republic of the Congo! He was surprised to see us! He came in and said, "you called me yesterday." We were confused until he showed us the phone and we found out that it was the other elders who called him. Come to find out that he is a less active from the Congo! So we had a member at our lesson, pretty crazy! I have noticed the way African conversation goes is a lot different than English or Japanese conversation you have to get your foot in the door and keep it there. It was a great lesson though. 

After studies we had our district meeting which was great, we talked about how we need to cast our nets and go straightway and follow Christ! After that we made a zone calendar for our zone. We then streeted for a little while and met some interesting people. It was a strange day for streeting. We then ate dinner and went to the church to plan everything for the zone! That was pretty crazy! But I'm glad it is finished! It took a long time. 

We awoke and went to church! It was great, we had three people at church. Our bishop was released and a new bishop, Bishop Nagane was called! He used to be the 2nd councilor so everyone new him which is great. He is pretty fired up about dendo which is great. After church we had an awesome meal as a ward and then we worked on stats   for the zone. It was a lot of fun! We then went home ate lunch then held companionship study where we discussed our lesson for that night. As we walked over we talked to a few people then went over to the Ogawas. Sister Ogawa came out when we got there and said that brother Ogawa was called into work and he wouldn't be home till late so they needed to cancel. It was pretty sad :/. So we streeted home ate dinner and worked on a schedule for an open house that one of the districts is having this upcoming week! Ahh! Crazy! 

Well that was my week! It went by super fast! I can't believe that it is Monday already! 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

We found this at Loft

Our district at the temple!

The African Family we taught!

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