Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting Sick is not fun.



Our day was really messed up. After studies we went to the church to contact a few investigators, then rode out to a lesson with a man by the name of Sakamoto San. He is a referral we received from Michael. He is an interesting man. We was a particle physicist, so talking to him was interesting. It doesn't seem like he does a whole lot day to day though. After that we began our Preparation day. We went to the church and emailed then went to dinner at a curry house. It was alright nothing super fancy though. Then we walked around a few shops and looked around. Since I had ripped a hole in my pajamas (they just got worn out...who knew after 6 years they would die), we went to GU and I bought a new pair of Sweats. They are so comfortable. We then bought groceries. On our way back we met a man named Stewart who was kind enough to talk to us. It was fun talking to him for a little bit. We then rushed home then back to the office to split with the tech elders. President Wada gave me a massive project to get finished. 


After studies I worked like the dickens building and creating a new form, PDF a Generator, and Ajax for keeping track of our Recent Converts and Less Actives throughout the mission since its beginning. We took a break around lunch and went to Sukiya and King sized it was so much meat but thankfully I didn't have time for dinner as it was so it made up for any lack of time I had. I worked the rest of the day on the project, thankfully there are only a few bugs left that need to be ironed out. 


After personal study we ran over to the church for a district leader training meeting. It was really good. I was able to sit by Elder Leach which was great. I learned a lot about how I can help the district more, and fulfill my role as such also. After the meeting a Elder Choi and I were in the office and a set of Elders walked by with someone they found. They passed him on over to us and Elder Choi and I gave our new friend from India a tour! He was really interested so we hope to help him progress soon! After our in counter we waited to meet with a friend from Taiwan. We introduced ourselves and talked a little bit. It turns out I met him really early on in one of my areas and forgot. Come to find out he is good friends with Elder Stevens who is currently serving in Taiwan! It was pretty amazing! We went out to Dinner and then I got ready for PEC. Eikaiwa was good, we talked about emotions which was exciting, nothing extravagant. However after I went to PEC and reported on our investigators. I think they were amazed with how many people we are teaching, which is great! They told us that the ward wants to help fellowship our investigators more! Yay! They want to help! It is so exciting to see them lit up. They were even offering words of encouragement about our baptismal dates, something that earlier would have relieved a lot of doubt! We just need to keep baptizing! 


After studies we went to the church and I worked more on the project I was given. I am really close. I just have some issues syncing the server and front side of things. After working on that for a little bit we went to Matsuoka Kyodais house for lunch! It was a great opportunity to meet with him! We enjoyed it a lot. He went to BYU and studied linguistics so his English is amazing, but we switched a lot back and forth. We then went to the church, then home for dinner. After dinner we met up with Zhao who has been helping us with the Zhangs. We went over their house but they weren't home! It was kind of sad. We went back to the church with him and went to sports night. It was a good way to build relationships with members. He was baptized only 4 months ago. 


After studies we went to the church and did some weekly planning! Yay for planning. It took us forever, mostly because we have a lot of investigators, and ideas. We got a lot finished but still need to completely finish. We called it quits after a few hours and went to Michaels house! He is doing so much better! He is seeing straight! His surgery worked! It was so exciting! When we got there he was just reading his Book of Mormon! It is so cool to see the conversion process first hand. We taught the restoration to him again, and asked for referrals. He might as well had given us a phone book haha! It was a great visit overall. He always brightens my day. After that we went home for dinner and then headed to the church for district meeting. Leading a  13 person discussion is exhausting! About halfway through everyone seemed either grumpy, tired, or finished with the meeting. So I got up and shared a farm story about having a vision. It worked really well and turned the meeting around a lot. I feel things are moving pretty well. 


After studies we went to the Honbu so I could work on the project he needed me to finish. I am somewhat close to being done. I am just have two issues left, one pop up box and a checklist that is outta whack. After that we went to the park to try and talk to people however there were so many people it was really difficult to talk to others. We then went to Maeda's house for a lesson we taught him the plan of Salvation which went really well. He just has a few issues with taking that leap of faith. After that we went out to eat at Sukiya and then tried to visit the Zhangs but they were busy with New Years so we weren't able to meet. After that we went back to the church and worked on getting reports ready for church tomorrow. 


I think I have finally learned what it means to be in a daze. I work up being probably the sickest I have ever been. Cold sweats, fever, vomiting, the whole 9 yards. It was so bad I didn't get out of bed until 3. I took a bath, but felt so week I was unable to really do much so I laced down again. I was finally feeling somewhat better so we went to the church to try and plan. It was pretty bad still. Not only that but most of our investigators have either blocked our number, don't have time to meet, or have no desire to progress. My health shot down again so we went back to the house and I went straight to bed. Talk about a crummy day. 

I'm a little better today, just on a lot of medication. 

Big Sick Hearts, 

Elder Dunn

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