Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting Better. It's the Climb.

Hello Everyone!

Ready for one of the shortest emails yet? 


I woke up pretty awful but I was able to get a shower and change so we could go to the church. My plan was that it would just pass so all I needed to do was push through it. I worked on the project from president and wrote home. But then my health shot down and we were back at home before i knew it and that was my day. 


Elder Choi, poor guy, I don't think he has been around a whole lot of sick people before. He asked me a million times if we were going to go out, I hated to break it to him but when it's 1 in the afternoon and I'm still in bed with a cough and shivering, I don't think we are leaving. I had him call the assistants so they split with us for the day. Elder Livingston stayed with me during the afternoon. It was good for Elder Choi he needed to get out. Then at dinner they switched and Elder Richardson and I were together. 


I was feeling a little bit better but during the afternoon Elder Richardson and I split so Elder Choi could get out. I found out the reason why he was so persistent about leaving was because he wanted to get something to eat. I don't think he knows how to cook. After splitting back I took a nap then we went to the mission office so I could be with Elder Kubera who is also sick and our companions could go teach Eikaiwa. Around 8:30 I went to Ward council, they sure seemed surprised to see me! I gave a pretty lousy report mostly because my fever started to spike again. After that Elder Kubera and I were dropped off at the house to spend Thursday together. 


Elder Kubera and I stayed at the house most the day. At night we were feeling better so we went to the office to see if we could work. Then we split back to our normal companions before returning home. 


I couldn't fall asleep until really late and was feeling groggy so I got up around noon. But after I was up I was "better". We went to the church and had about half of our weekly planning session. We are going to be full swing next week that is for sure. Followed by our weekly district meeting, which was good a lot of exciting things planned soon. Sadly all of the investigators in the district have left or have little to no interest anymore. It is kind of unreal. After district meeting we went out for dinner at a spaghetti place, it was pretty good, kind of hard to finish though. After that we went back to the Honbu and Elder Choi talked to the Wada's for a little bit and I helped Tech Staff out a little bit. After that we opened the package my parents sent to test a new card I relieved however it didn't work. That was kind of a bummer, but when we were walking back we talked to these funny 20 year olds. It was a pretty clever way to strike up a conversation. "Oh look we both have blonde hair. Is it natural?" Speaking to the man with bleached hair. It worked out pretty well. 


After studies we got on the train to go to Kawasaki for their music night. It was really well done with a lot of good performers. It was really weird not knowing anyone though, that hasn't happened for a while. On our way back home we were on the train and they had just announced the next stop, Kugayama, the station Michael lives at. I had the impression we needed to go, so I grabbed Elder Choi and hopped off the train. He looked really confused as to why we got off the train early. I told him we are following a prompting and we shouldn't delay. He gave me a strange look and we hurried to Michaels in the pouring rain. He was home and boy did he look excited to see us! He told us that his plans had just fallen through and he was going to be at home all night. We sat with him and talked, he is doing a lot better. He talked about how much he wants to meet President Monson someday, that was really cool. We watched the most recent conference address given by him and left. When we arrived back to Kichijoji we went to dinner at a curry house, wrote a report for the ward mission leader, then went home and contacted people out of the old area book. 


At church the ward mission leader didn't show up, his brother was sick so he had to take him to the hospital. Michael came to church. I noticed how important the Sacrament really can be in our daily lives. During the administration of the sacrament I was pondering and looking around. Then I caught glimpse of one of my favorite ward members, Brother Naka. He was sitting a little far off and hunched over praying. It was a neat example of him remembering those sacred covenants at baptism. It was also cool to see him after a long week of travel (I'm pretty sure he was in Paris), focus on what matters most, his family and his relationship with God. I want to make sure I am able to emulate that in my own life. Then right after the sacrament ended Josey came too! It was good to have them both there. The ward was in a buzz helping Michael which was really good. I've noticed Michael is almost a project the ward needed to help them, it was an interesting paradigm shifter for me. After church we were talking to ward members, and getting to know them better. Everyone kept commenting on how thin my face looked and how pale I was, I'm feeling better I am just trying to get better now haha. We set up a lot of good appointments with members for this upcoming week. My favorite Canadian member, Brother Ishikawa, invited the whole district out to lunch on Monday! There is also a new member of our ward who just moved in from New York City, she is a professional ballerina! After church we went to the house and we made okonomiyaki which was delicious! Then went back to the church to collect stats and big bag and emergency kit numbers. After that we walked around the park discussing out lessons as well as trying to talk to people, sadly no one had much interest. It was pretty cold. After we went to Joseys and had one of the best lessons I have been apart of on my mission. It was superb, he has changed a lot recently and is realizing how much potential he has to serve a mission. It was a great way to begin the week. 

Well I'm alive this week! 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

  1. This is Shibuya Crossing! My companion wanted a good picture of it, it is kind of cool in the rain. 

  1. Us with Michael on Saturday night!

  1. Us with Josey on Sunday night!

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