Monday, January 25, 2016

Finding my Chinese Brothers and Sisters

Hello Everyone!

This week has been so busy I can't believe it's over already! 


On our way to the temple we rode our bike to get to the church faster however on our way, I high school girl ran I front of me and pushed me off my bike..that wasn't a great way to begin the day. In Japan they don't salt he roads so most of the way there was black ice. The temple was great, nice and relaxing. After that we went to the book store and bought Michael a triple combination and then went out to eat at a Hawaiian burger place back at home. It was delicious, but it was so much food it made me sick! Then we emailed and walked around to do some shopping. After that we went to the a

Argument and I grabbed my things for splits, and then dropped it off at the Honbu, following that we went to the Naka's house! He is a big name fashion designer and a solid member! They talked to us in mostly English which was kind of strange because I wasn't fully aware of how fluent he is. He told us all about his journey to fashion school and beyond. It is neat to see how through righteous living his dreams have been made a reality. He also told us about a special assignment he received from Salt Lake. Pretty cool stuff. After our time with him and his family, we ran to the Honbu and split with Elder Mukai and Elder Ford.


Elder Mukai and I woke up early and Played kickball in the gym with the other Elders. Then we had normal studies then staff meeting! It was fun to attend that meeting again. It had been a while since I had been able to go. It was funny seeing the same things that had happened a while back when I was serving in the office. After that I helped the Tech Staff with a few projects then we went out to dinner, and taught Mitsuru-San who we just worked hard with to man up an accept the commitments we were extending him. Sadly he wasn't which was kind of a shame, but we will continue to pray for him. Eikaiwa was fantastic! We had a lot of fun with our students explaining what snow is like where we are from! Afterwards we went to ward council and almost everyone was there! It was so exciting! 


We planned to go on splits with the Assistants but sadly that fell through. Besides we had Zone Meeting early in the morning so we booked it over to Fuchu to make it there on time. It was an exciting time. I really liked the zone meeting, I learned a lot from the spirit, that has been something I have wanted to improve on. After zone meeting we ate pizza as a district. Then went to visit Michael! However he wasn't home so that was kind of sad. I felt the impression that we needed to go and visit a Chinese Family who came to church the week previous so we biked over there to find that the husband wasn't home, which was kind of a bummer so we housed around the area and found an old man who would listen to our message! It was a miracle! We were so excited! We set up an appointment for the next day and left. We had sports night later which was great we had a new record of people coming, and played some great basketball. After sports night Elder Belnap and I began our splits!


We found out that we needed to watch a special missionary broadcast early! So we headed over to the church to watch it! It was fantastic! I learned a lot from the leaders of the church. I loved how much the Apostles said, my fellow servants in the Lord. What a great expression. After that we ate lunch then went to District Meeting! It was great, I loved working with our district to help them be the best they can be! We are seeing so much success as a district! After that I trained Elder Belnap on how to be Tech Staff and then we came home and ate dinner. After we tried visiting the man who we had an appointment sent up with however he never came to the door, even though we heard him, which was kind of sad. So we went to the Chinese families house! And the husband was home! He really wants to learn about the church but we didn't have anyone in our ward who speaks Chinese until last week! When a Chinese member moved in! Yay! How exciting! We housed around the area and found a family from Thailand who said we could visit tomorrow! Neat miracles! We then went back to the office and gathered things together for a conference call president has the following day. 


After companionship study we went to a family from Thailand's house to share a message with them however the husband came to the door and told us to leave. It was kind of a let down but we went with it. We then went home finished studies then went to the church and got our transfer emails! I am staying in Kichijoji! This will make 6 transfers or about 9 months! Elder Gerard will be going to a military base and I will be receiving Elder Choi an Elder from Texas but whose ancestors are from Korea. We then went to lunch at a taco rice shop and then biked to a referrals house. Sadly the person had absolutely no interest which was kind of a bummer. So we biked to our friend Maeda's house for a lesson. He is great, he really wants to know, but he is just scared of believing it's all true. It's amazing. After the lesson we went to the church and grabbed dinner at Seiyu and filled the font for the baptism. The baptism was great, Tan Lu was about 30 minutes late from school, but it was a great trial of faith for the ward members who attended. The service was wonderful as well! Last week in Hiro-o there was a baptism of another Chinese man, who is actually moving into our ward! So I played with his two sons afterwards. It was really fun being able to communicate with just hand jesters and Google translate! 


It was one of the busiest Sunday's I have had on my mission! We had DCS in the morning then after that as we were talking to members, Masui Kyodai showed up! He is a less active that the assistants have been working with for a few months now! It was awesome! The ward was so excited to see them! During sacrament Michael and TanLu were confirmed, I got to pass the sacrament and I translated for the office couple! Talk about a busy hour! After that we sat Michael down and filled out his membership papers and went to gospel principles! It was about Charity which was great! Then we had priesthood and came home for lunch. Then off to the church again to fill out all of the lesson reports and message investigators! Then back to the apartment to eat dinner. Afterwards we went to Ueki Kyodais house and taught about true greatness and challenged him to find something he wants to be truly great at. 

Well that was my busy week! 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

  1. A huge hamburger from a Hawaiian burger joint on sun road, it comes with a kilo of fries!
  2. Inside the burger joint.
  3. One of the Chinese boys and I at the baptism, it was impossible for us to get a normal picture together
  4. Us again
  5. Michael and I after Church
  6. Us again

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