Monday, January 4, 2016

Elder Dunn, hand, foot, and Sun


Well my week has been really busy and really slow, but I am hanging in there alright. As you can guess my the title this week I was sick! 


We decided to take a day trip to Yokohama! After studies we took a train for an hour and a half down to Yokohama, the funny thing is that Yokohama is only 18 miles away from us. After arriving we met up with the Elders who are assigned there and went to La Salsa, the only true Mexican restaurant in our mission. It was delicious, as we were about to leave I saw an Indian man who was about to leave about the same time so I went over and talked to him, his accent was pretty thick, but we were able to communicate pretty well. I told him we were missionaries, and that's about all I got out before the other Elders were calling for me. So I ran off payed and we left, however I still wanted to talk to him. Well it turns out he had the same impression because he payed and chased after me out of the mall! Out of breath and a little sweaty he asked, "I am Christian, where is your church?" This sparked a great conversation between the two of us which led us to giving him a flyer for the Yamate building and exchanged Phone numbers! After that we wandered on down to Landmark Tower, the largest building in our mission! It is huge! We took the fastest Elevator in Japan up to the 69th floor to a giant observation deck! It was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. You could see forever! From Fuji to Tokyo, and everything in between. There is a surreal feeling being that high in the air. After we went down and Elder Gerard and I took a train to Tokyo to switch to a faster train home. I thought Tokyo eki would be bigger but it really isn't compared to Shibuya. After getting back we finished a few emails then rode over to the Hotas for dinner! They are both completely fluent in English which is kind of scary because we wearing entirely aware. He lived in Utah for 15 years and she lived there for 10 years! It was pretty impressive. He is the CEO to Naka Kyodais fashion line, it is pretty cool. The dinner was great, I had Elder Gerard lead the lesson, I think it is great experience for him to get used to it while he is a younger missionary. It was great! 


We woke up early and ran to the church for zone meeting! I was feeling a little under the weather so I was a little slow, but I'll probably be okay. The meeting was good, I learned some neat stuff. After the meeting Elder Driscoll, one of our zone leaders, and I went on splits! We planned for our eventful day, then went to Bario ramen (男らめん)the kanji mean man ramen, fittingly we ate. Then ran to Michaels for a lesson. We helped him cleanup part of his apartment, it will be very slow work, but it will progress over time. I found a pair of retro 3D glasses which were of the chain, and Michael was about to throw them out so I got them! I felt like we were throwing away the 1980s and 90s. Everything was so old. Our lesson with him was great though! We taught the word of Wisdom which we had some concerns with how he would accept it but he was willing to accept and follow it, it'll just take time to see how things pan out. After the lesson we ran to the A Potential Investigator that Elder Driscoll knew of, so we biked there but sadly he wasn't home. So we ran to the Talmage's home. They have 3 daughters which is pretty intense over there, I thought brothers were all rambunctious, but girls have vocals. They are all half Japanese half American so they speak about half and half in their home it seemed that if they wanted to clarify anything it was in English but mostly a switch off. They really like mine craft so that was fun to talk about, dinner was delicious, pork and beans! Elder Yamada had a great lesson too, it was overall a great day. 


Elder Driscoll and I split back with our normal companions after studies then Elder Gerard and I went to Indo Curry for lunch! They have this really good all you can eat place here in Kichijoji which missionaries love, but we hadn't gone for a while because we thought they hated us. However upon arriving they welcomed us with open arms (they had new management), and man did that make all the difference! It was great, made me think a little bit more about how I approach talking to people. After we went to the church and waited for a lesson with Michael, however he didn't show up, which must have been a miracle in and of itself because Elder Yamada accidentally deleted part of one of the apps! So I spent some time recoding the app, interesting how when one thing doesn't work out everything else does. After that we streeted for some time and talked to a few various people, it was fun, sadly with New Years happening soon, people begin to shut you out pretty quick. After dinner we had a lesson with Kajira Kyodai where we role played and taught him the plan of salvation and talked a little bit about the temple afterwards. It was a good lesson overall. Since no one really came to Eikaiwa we watched clips of Meet the Mormons and talked about it as a class. It was a fun activity for everyone, and I think they enjoyed it a lot. 


I woke up and felt awful, but we had our giant mission conference so I rolled outta bed and got ready. The conference was great, but I felt like I was on fire the whole time. I learned a lot, but at the same time I didn't. The testimony meeting was great it was hard to imagine I was in the same place a year ago, hard to believe it has been that long. After the conference I took my temperature in the Honbu, 101, dang...I always knew I was hot but this was just too much...sister Wada wasn't too pleased to hear that, so she ordered that I get some rest. Just then the bishop called and invited us all over for dinner so we put Elder Yamada and Elder Gerard together to go to the shokugi and then Elder Kerr and I were together and I slept in the Honbu. That helped but after the shokugi we went home and I passed out again. 


We woke up early and rode over to the church to watch the sunrise! It was gorgeous. We went to the roof of the church, and could see all of Tokyo right there. It was amazing! Just a fantastic view. After sleeping for some time we went to district meeting, I don't really remember how it went since I was hyped up on a bunch of medicine. I think we got some work done though. After I went into the Office to split with Elder Kerr and President Wada caught me and told me to take a few days off and get completely better. So Elder Kerr and I would be companions for a few days in the house and be isolated. Yay....I get cabin fever way to easily so I wasn't thrilled to hear we were dropped off at the house and I crawled into bed for a few hours. After I got to know Elder Kerr a little bit, he is from Hawaii, he is a great Elder, but has gotten really sick with a lung infection so he is kind of waiting it out for some time. To see if he gets better or ends up going home. Sadly he was really pessimistic about the whole situation. Later Elder Yamada called and asked if we needed anything. I asked for Meet the Mormons as a joke but president gave it the okay so I was in business! 


After sleeping, Elder Yamada and a Elder Gerard stopped by with some drinks and the movie. It was nice to take something off of my achy body. Slept more, took a bath, slept. Watched the movie, started feeling better so I cleaned and organized, slept, sister Wada a dropped by with some soup and to check up on us, ate, watched old 90s church videos, and slept. 


Sister Wada called early and we talked about my illness, since I was feeling better she said that tomorrow I should be fine. Elder Kerr however would be going home to get the proper care and rest he needs. He seemed pretty excited about the news. I was glad to be getting out of the house soon. I showered, then studied, and got so,e planning done. Around noon Michael called and we talked for a while, it was nice to talk to someone. After church Elder Gerard and Elder Yamada came over. Then Elder Gerard and I had Weekly Planning! Yay, some missionary work again! It felt good to get back into the swing of things body willing or not. We went to the church where we crept around the building until I was caught by sister Wada but I begged her to be outside so she said yes! We went to Ueki Kyodais house and had a boss lesson about repentance, then stopped by Joseys sadly he wasn't home so we left him a note! Just letting him know we care! Then some housing and back home! 

Don't worry, I'll be fine this next week, just got a little sick, that's all! 

Have a great week! 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

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