Sunday, November 1, 2015

Talking to gaijin, Going to the Shinden, and Transfer Emails


This week was long! So it might not make perfect sense. Gomen! 


Our morning study was interrupted because of the returning missionaries having a study session. We just gave them the procedure about going home, I can't believe we are already gearing up for missionaries to come in and go home again! Wow! Time sure is flying. We went shopping, then emailed, after Elder Leach wanted a new watch for his birthday so we went shopping, ate some dinner. After dinner we 


Church was really good, we sat next to our older friend this week! We are slowly wearing off on her. Her conversion will take some time. After church we had some office work to finish, we also were able to do some weekly planning. At night we met with Josey! It was a great meeting, he really has a desire to choose the right and follow  God, slowly but surely we are making progress, it is always exciting when you can see it first hand. 


After studies, Elder Leach and I were at the stoplight waiting to cross and we notice a middle aged woman looking at a map, up and down, she looked and then she began the whole flip the map in different directions motion. It was pretty obvious she was lost. So when the light turned we walked over and offered to help. She was kind, and was lost, so we walked her to her hotel. It turns out she is from Ireland and came here to visit her daughter, she had never met missionaries before and was curious as to why we were in Japan. Great question! Then continued our journey to zone conference. On the train we talked to a man from England, I have noticed in my few months here in Japan that foreigners are afraid to talk to missionaries because they know 9 times out of 10 we will talk to them. Elder Leach and I were talking back and forth and noticed the man was listening in, so I just turned and asked, "well you seem like a smart man, what do you think?" I think he was more surprised that we acknowledged his presence then me asking for his opinion on the matter. He openly voiced it then we were able to talk with him. Turns out he is a chef in Shinjuku! Way cool! Zone meeting was good, i have been trying to find how things I learn can apply to me in the office, it is a neat paradigm shift. Afterwards we were on the plate form for a train and wouldn't you know it, there was a foreign woman standing a little of the ways off, then I had the impression that I should talk to her we ventured over there. I was a little nervous because we aren't supposed to approach woman about dendo, but I was told so I will go and do. We got on the train and I was trying to figure out how to not awkwardly start up a conversation, that is pretty socially unacceptable. So I ignored the prompting at first and sat down next to a Japanese man and began talking to him, well I asked him one question, looks at me, then his phone and then gets up and right off the train he went. Well looks like there is no ignoring the prompting now. She said something to me and we were able to talk! Turns out she is half Indian and half Greek but was raised in England, and she is looking at various religions and was curious about ours, Elder Leach and I were able to place a Book of Mormon with her before we had to get off the train. Talk about an interesting train ride. After we got off we were walking down the street and met a man with some clothes that would rival any hippie with long hair and round glasses. He was way cool, sadly no interest but we got a picture anyways. We had FHE at night which was fun because we were able to help sister Wada with the food, as well as catch up on some office work. 


We got up for the morning pack of the trains. I'll tell you what getting smashed into other humans at 8 am is just a great feeling...I am sure of they packed people like they do here in America there would be fights, and sweaty Americans. We felt sick from the hot air so we walked to the temple from a nearby eki, a woman called out to us on our way turns out she is a Filipino from the Tokyo 2nd ward, way kind, she even helped us get to the temple. Elder Leach had some work at the Area Office to do so we went there and talked to some people for a little bit. The temple was wonderful, I did the session in Japanese which amazing, I couldn't believe how much I understood. After the session we came home and got to work. Then we went to Koenji which is at the end of area and mission. When we arrived we needed somewhere to park our bikes so we found a grocery store so to make sure they didn't tow our bikes we went in the store to look around. There were two American-Japanese businessmen shopping. The one was so surprised at how cheap everything was he exclaimed, "I don't know how they are doing it, it so cheap...they have to be losing money? Does this make sense to you?" It was funny to us because we were the only apparent English speakers there and his comments weren't directed toward us. We found a dang expensive cantaloupe though, he was right things were dirt cheap there. We met a few people, one man tried handing us fliers but we kind of dendoed him instead, I think that kind of threw him for a loop. We tried to visit a less active but got lost/the map told us the wrong address. So on our way back we met the Japanese version of Jack Black, I kid you not this man had a scraggly beard, a little heavier and was holding a corn dog! It was awesome talking to him. We walked him back to his house! 


Staff meeting was good, we discussed the transfer breakdown. The Wada's are Leaving for Korea in two weeks for a mission president seminar so the office and assistants are holding down the fort. Talk about frightening... We then had our various office work to do. We helped Sister Wada set up their printer, she showed us some of their family photos which were awesome!  At dinner Elder Mukai got upset because it turns out a companionship will have to move out and it is looking like it'll be him and Elder Ford. Next transfer there will be 7 people in the Office, which is a lot. So he punched the fridge, kicked a hole in our potato box, punched his bed, and broke my water bottle. It was an adventurous dinner calming him down. Eikaiwa was great! We talked about the weather which was fun because we traded phrases in Japanese and English. After we helped sister Wada set up for MLC and she proposed that Elder Leach and I only speak Japanese to her from now on. She wants us to speak well by the time we leave. We saw president in his office and jokingly said something about one of the Halloween costumes he wore that sister Wada showed us. He then talked to us for a half hour about his previous costumes! 


Breakfast with the leadership was enjoyable, we found out one of the elders has to go home due to whopping cough. So he go to stay with us during MLC. We kind of kept him away from everyone else. After lunch, we had to go up for my favorite part discussion items. They are pretty dang funny to Elder Leach and I because we have the special opportunity to see things from a more birds eye view. We gave a training about iPhoto sharing which was pretty entertaining. After Sister Wada and I spoke in Japanese about my nose. To say the least I look like rudolf the red nosed reign deer. That was a fun and exhausting adventure. 


Everyone was out of the office so it was Elder Leach and I ruling the roost. Then sister Wada came down, and had some things to discuss. 10 minutes later she called and Elder Leach compared us to an Indian call in center speaking tech support. Sister Wada thought it was pretty funny because she started talking with an Indian accent! She had to hang up she was laughing so hard. We came to the realization that we needed screen covers for iPads since we hadn't heard back from the company who supplies us. So we took a trip to Hachioji to go to daiso to buy all of their screen covers. Then we ate at Go Gos curry it was delicious. Then we came speedily home to make it to district meeting on time. District meeting was good, most of it consisted of planning out the Halloween party the next day. After we worked on finalizing all the transfers before emails tomorrow.


We worked on getting all the emails ready to send to everyone for their new transfer. It took some time but we got it all out smoothly on time. Afterwards I took a nap because I was exhausted. Then we went to kumaras for lunch. It is a nearby Indian curry restaurant with some of the kindest people running it. Then we came back and began getting things ready for the new transfer we will be receiving a new companion to the Honbu, Elder Yamada from Manhattan! I have had quite the variety of companions on my mission.we look forward to work with him. Around 4 we went over to the church for the Halloween party. I wore my cowboy hat, rain boots and a bandana, also known as a cowboy with limited resources. Elder Leach was a "movie producer" wearing a baseball cap and basketball shoes with his normal missionary clothes. The missionaries were asked to creat booths for the event so we did an obstacle course filled with all kinds of fun stuff. I was asked to work this goblin contraption made from boxes and construction paper. It was pretty impressive. As most people know a good goblin has to make growling noises so I became horse from the station. The party was awesome, it is amazing how big Halloween is here in Japan. They even had a piñata! Sadly none of the kids could break it with the plastic bat or the young adults so I was asked to finish it off. Ha. That was fun. At the end we sang I with one of the investigators, and then got chased around by the primary children. 


I woke up and was horse, I mean I could hardly speak. Thankfully Elder Ford gave me some cough drops. Those kept me awake at church too! After church we had weekly planning which mostly turned into a split the areas game. Since we are splitting into two areas we are making all the proper preparations to fix things when it happens. At dinner we had an apartment pow wow. About who was moving out. Chief Bates was in charge. Thankfully Elder Leach and I are in the clear since Elder Yamada is becoming our companion. It turned into a came of approaching the elephant in the room in a calm manner. Well it all worked out for the greater good between all of us. Elder Leach and I sped off to a lesson with Josey. He read the assignment we gave him, it is neat to see our lessons to transition into more gospel related talks. It is exciting. 

Sorry if this is a pretty dry week, my brain is fried from all the office work. 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

The hippie  

I love the causes to delays here in Japan

This is a little larger than an apple and it costs almost 20 dollars.

Elder Leach with the Cantaloupe 

Curry and waffles made by our beloved assistants. 

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