Saturday, November 14, 2015

Preparing shots, fixing sister Wada's blender, and skyping the MTC!

Dear family and friends,

Well a lot happened this week, but if you can read past Saturday you'll be fine their isn't a whole lot. 


How do you add to an already eventful week? If you were thinking go to an American Air Force base then you are thinking right! We made our way there no problems with our suitcases. For our lunch Elder Leach and I got philicheese steaks with cheese bacon fries! America ja nai desu ka? I payed with the American money I had and no joke I felt like I was using play money, it was so weird to me. It was oishi desu. When we bought our groceries we ran out of money, I have never seen Elder Ford scared before but uhhh...when you are twenty bucks short it gets a little scary. Thankfully I had extra cash so we were safe. On our way home we were on the train emailing and a visibly shaken and upset man got on the train. He was just talking to himself and kept saying he got beat up and was going to call the police. At the next stop he got off and and got on a different car, and began stopping on the floor. Confused because we couldn't see him we all looked at each other bewildered. Then at the next station he got closer to us, and picked up his phone. Which is super bad in Japan... Like way way bad. So he gets on his phone and begins screaming into the phone, the translation would basically be, "I can't believe you did this to me, I'm going to hurt you, I'm calling the police..." You get the feeling. Then he hangs up, and throws his bag on the ground over and over. Scaring the woman and children next to him. Thankfully when I took a step to ward him to protect the woman he moved further down the car and stomped on his umbrella, and punched himself in the face. It was quite the scene. The people on the train just looked boggled at the man. Trains are basically silent in Japan. When we got home we finished those emails. Then began set up for flu shots for the mission! I found out that you don't have to have a degree to prepare the shots, so I volunteered to prepare the shots! That was a blast getting all of the shots ready for missionaries! The doctor administering the shot is a surgeon, and the wife is too. So I enjoyed talking to them as well. Afterwards we worked on moving the stuff in the sisters apartment to the new office couple apartment. Only the sisters were in a lesson and had the only key so we basically just sat their and waited. 


Rainy day. At church Josey came! It was exciting! Then afterwards he went home teaching! Progression is being made! We scheduled a lesson for later that nit then Elder Yamada and I headed over to Kunitachi for a appointment with a man I met via a zone blitz and have been communicating with him via Facebook for the last little bit. On our way there I took the opportunity to get to know him a little better. He is from Manhattan and his father is a well known Oncologist working in the New York area. His Grandparents were some of the first converts in Japan! He is Canadian by birth but grew up mostly in America. So that is the gist about him. When we arrived in Kunitachi , I split with Elder Moua (my old companion!!!) and we went to a nearby eki to met with him, however he stood us up, more like forgot, and we ended up waiting in the eki for him for an hour. Then back home and to the bikes we went to go to Joseys. We helped him cleaned and ate curry, then had a super awesome lesson really focusing on change. There was a great spirit there. 


Well they are doing construction in the office this week so we had to hold staff meeting in the Wada's living room on the third floor! It was a good meeting, we enjoyed spending time with the Wada's and discussing Christmas as a mission. We got assigned to do a little digging for the new Christmas video this year. After the meeting we worked and worked and worked in the office. Trying to catch up on all the work that we needed finished from the previous week. Elder Leach had a big report due so we worked on more projects and helped the Wada's out for their trip. 


The Wada's left for South Korea for a mission presidents seminar. They continued working which was really loud so work was really slow. So we took a break and went to the back and had weekly planning. Since our area is brand new we took the other elders area book and referred people over to us. Let's hope we see some miracles from it. Remember last week when we had the issue with the toilet? Well they decided to look at the plumbing which entailed taking out the entire wall, and drilling and drilling. It was way nostalgic to smell wood, and plumbing primer and glue! At night we needed to get out so we went to dendo for a half hour, sadly we stopped all of one person, but the good thing is we tried. I can't wait to leave the bu.


They had a district leader meeting so one of the elders from a base area brought the grease we ordered from online. So Elder Leach and I went upstairs and played with the mixer until we got it fixed. When we thought we finished we turned it on it made a really bad cranking noise so we took it apart and put more and more in then finally we were a little fed up so we turned it on really high which made the cranking really bad, then it all stopped! It worked! No more issues! So to test it out we mixed some bread, yum. Then came back and backed it and worked more on creating a new statistics app. (Which I just found out today, Saturday, is going to be completely different...). Then to Eikaiwa, which was great we taught about some American slang which was enjoyable. 


In the morning we had a way cool opportunity, we skyped the MTC to work on debugging an app with them! That was a lot of fun to throw ideas around and help them out a little bit. So I have been drinking a lot of water recently, which is helping with headaches and forcing me to get up a little more often. Work in he office was slow, but we are getting things finished, I found that since thanksgiving doesn't really exist here in Japan everyone listens to Christmas music super early. After the long day, we met up with Josey for sushi! That was a lot of fun, we discussed neckties around the world, and used it as a great opportunity to get to know him a little better. 


Work in the office was good, I am getting the hang of coding pretty well which is great, because now it is a lot more doing and a lot less studying. We worked on projection numbers of missionaries, along with eikaiwa stats, with some baptismal dates as well. It was a lot of nerd work, but it is cool to see how numbers work. We then found out that there is a big issue with area book happening around the mission, actually the apple servers are down in Tokyo so we are having a little issue. After a long day of that I engaged in my new mealtime pass time 10 minutes of eating and 50 minutes of sleeping, it is helping...somewhat. We then had district meeting which was good, we are really focusing a lot on BTR as a mission which is basically how to teach like Ammon which is great being here in Japan. 

Sorry this week is so short. President just got back from Korea and gave us a big project, in fact I just found out I'll be going to a few zone conferences giving presentations. There are some big changes coming. 

Big Hearts, 

Elder Dunn

Elder Yamada took my iPad and thought I'd delete the pictures hahaha...

They decided to build a little room so they wouldn't bother was kind of ridiculous to be honest. 

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