Saturday, October 3, 2015

A new watch, a lot of office work (like mind boggling amounts), and an app finished!

People of the planet earth, 

I hit what we call my hump day or my 1 year mark. Yes. I have been gone that long. Way too fast. 


Since we hadn't had preparation day since the previous Saturday we moved it to Monday. Around 11 Elder Leach and I went out to mode off to look at watches. I've been looking at buying a nice Japanese watch to take home, but is reasonable in price. After much waiting I found one! After the purchase we had it sized, and went out for lunch at an indo curry restaurant, turns out they aren't fans of missionaries because they have an all you can eat menu...which may end soon. Then to the shore store so my companion could buy some new running shoes. Afterwards, we came back, slept, wrote emails, and then got ready for FHE. We waited for our buff Iranian brother, however he must have had a prior engagement with gold gym so he couldn't make it. With that disarray we went out to go and find people. We found a few, however not many people were out so my companion informed me about what real Texas pride is. We returned to the bu and cleaned up FHE. 


Around 10 the office began trainings, well Elder Leach and I did. Him for financial secretary, and I for secretary training. Thankfully with a Tech mindset to it we will be able to automate a lot of it which will make our lives easier. Since the office couple is going home due to health issues, as well as the military couple also for a family emergency, the office staff is bringing out their A-game to cover for an office couple. Never in my life did I think I would be working in a secretary position. After the training I began on my to do list. Ironically white out does not get rid of problems, it just creates unreadable problems. Around dinner time we went out to the Apple Store, however we were rejected for having a lack of an appointment. Yorobashi camera was next to buy some tape. Then we spent our night unboxing tool kits, and taping areas and instructions on them for the meeting on Wednesday. 


We awoke early to finish taping, then had staff meeting. One of my favorite parts of the week with the amount of jokes and work that gets done. President was pretty upset about BYUs lose to Michigan so he spent 5 minutes lamenting about it, to which we all laughed. Sister Wada didn't find it funny though. After we continued working, then Elder Leach and I went out for Sizzlers for lunch. Yum. Then back to the office for work. I wish I could say I did something super awesome, but I don't remember. At Eakaiwa we just had time for jikoshokais and the. We played a game. At the end Elder Pratt and I taught a man simply about coming to church and invited him, he lives in the ward above us so we will see what happens. 


From 9 until 1 I worked ferociously to get the apartment App finished in time to present it at Mission Leadership Counsel. I Facebook messaged a former Elder in the mission to help me finish it. He was a big help. On top of that a man from the area office came telling us that they are getting ride of our network drive and were replacing it. That is a nightmare in itself because of the amount of wiring that now needs to be done. So while there are all the missionaries are here, along with NTT docomo, a phone company, a man from the area office, and a sick companion. Secretaries Elder Dunn and Elder Ford, are here scrambling to hold down the fort. At 1 we released the app, and showed it off at the training. It went really well, I think we surprised a few people with our work. Since my companion was ill he slept the rest of the night and I cleaned the kitchen. Something therapeutic for my stressful day. Oh yeah, today was my 1 year mark on my mission. 


At 8:30 the man from the area office came again. (Do you notice my days are getting earlier?) he came to copy the hard drive so he took the computer apart and plugged it into this giant machine, pretty cool I must say. Then told me he'd be back at 2 to fix everything, but told me in the mean time to put the computer back together after...uhh okay? So around lunch I went for it, the darn thing is like a puzzle! I took apart another computer to get an idea of how to work the pieces just right. Then at 2 the office exploded...again. There were interviews with president going on, the man from the area office and I were communicating in Japanese about the server (I have noticed in one year I am getting better at listening), the commissarian an decided tech staff wasn't doing their job right so he took matters into his own hands, we skyped into district meeting, and we were getting another training by a different man from the area office in Japanese about how to order travel for missionaries going home. I wish I could say this was happening throughout the day, but instead it was all at once. After that wave, President asked if I'd make bread for some jam he received from a sister missionary. Jumping at the opportunity to leave chaos behind for a little bit I made bread, then back to the hustling and bustling sending emails, licking stamps, fixing iPads, updating the portal, and smiling. Then Elder Leach, who is usually a pocket pincher, asked if we could go out to get some fresh air. We went out to eat skemen, delicious. Then bread at the apartment with president who told us some neat stories from before his mission. Then Elder Leach and I hung out with president in his office while we set up a camera for a meeting they are having the next day. 

Well that week flew by. 

Big hearts, 

Elder Dunn

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