Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Giant Park, a neat letter from my great grandparents, and iPads in Shibuya.



As many of you are probably wondering, "shouldn't I have written you all on Saturday?"  Ahhh, yes...I should have but conference interfered a little with out schedule. 


After comp study we went to a demonstration of the new sound equipment, it was pretty funny because Japanese technology is all about the looks, not if it works or not. They did a good job with it however it took way too long. Like 3 hours too long, and all we learned was that we aren't supposed to touch it and how to use three buttons. It was kind of frustrating start to our p-day. After we went to the base, driven by Elder Bates! It was a fun time eating subway and buying American food. Then we came home and cleaned and write emails. 


We woke up at 5 to see the new apostles get called, it was a neat experience watching it live! Church was great, president and sister Wada came with their son, Takuto. Elder Leach and I hung out with him, it was a good time. He is like any other American teenager though..we are working on that though. We had weekly planning after which was hard since it was fast Sunday. Then ate wings, yum. We went out and met a lady who spoke English, we invited her but she declined. It set a good impression for later though.


We ran around with our various duties for most the day. I worked on a new ordering system for the portal, argh, it took forever. On a brighter note it is starting to become fall, and it feels wonderful outside. It's about time! We went to the furthest part of our area to dendo in, it was a fun little trip. We met a Nepalese man and talked to him for a little bit. He was really kind and helped us withdrew directions. We were Abe to introduce the gospel to him too! We tried visiting a less active but it proved to be worthless. 


We woke up super duper early to go to Yamate. So Yokohama is home of hills! Giant massive hills. Just thought I'd inform you. When we arrived at the park for zone meeting we were interrupted by a ton of kids. Not to mention grass! It has been a year since I have seen some grass! The park was where Japan and all of Asia was dedicated for proselytizing back in 1906! It was a good meeting, afterwards we ran home to get to the Honbu to talk to Elder Kuahara about the Internet at the Honbu. President Wada sent us a video of the new apostles, like a news clip, and asked if we could find him. After we found him we took a screenshot and gave him a mustache and glasses and sent it to him. That night sister Wada fell out of her chair she was laughing so hard haha. 


For staff meeting I had the spiritual thought, and as I was thinking about what to share I got an email! From Grandpa and Grandma Davies! It had a great poem attached which I shared for my spiritual thought! What a neat little tender mercy. The Staff meeting was good, I am now in charge of creating an emergency action plan for the mission. We then went to yakuniku (Korean barbecue) it was pretty good. Then back to the office for work, and work. Then Eakaiwa! We taught about communication. Greens daughter (green in Nepalese and hilarious) came! She is 17 and may start taking lessons! The best part was she understood our American humor, a little startled we asked her where she learned English she responded with American dramas. Sadly a lot of the students didn't understand her because of her accent, but it is great practice for them too. 


We woke up to find out that we had interviews that day...shoot....I don't have any questions. I went into the interview a little apprehensive as to what to expect. However, we just talked and he shared some experiences from his mission. It was a good learning opportunity. Then around 6 we went to Shibuya, it was packed with people, most of which weren't smiling. It is so busy at night it is insane. It was my companions first time there so he walked around with a big gaping mouth. The Apple Store was pretty simple. They wouldn't let us walk out with 6 brand new iPads so we walked out with 3 after exchanging the old ones. Afterwards we went to the only Taco Bell in Japan, then off to sports night. There Ishikawa Kyodai was wearing a Dayton,Ohio T-shirt! So we got a picture of course. Since I felt a little adventurousness I left my companion cut my isn't awful, I mean I'm not bald, but I could be better. 


Elder Leach and I left for Yokohama pretty early which meant getting shoved into trains and getting lost in Shibuya Eki, which is enormous. I couldn't tell you how far down we were but after platoons of escalators we finally reached our platform. We had a training for new missionaries and Facebook! It was a good simple training, I think everyone enjoyed it. Afterward we went out to shabu shabu or been in boiling water! Sooo good! No pictures Gomen, but it was great. Since one of the new missionaries received the new parts for Sister Wada's blender from a member in a mikitary base, complicated I know, just of with it. We went hope and began trying to fix her blender, thank goodness she wasn't home because if she is anything like my mom, grease does not belong on the counter, as well as gears, and other tools. Well we fixed most of it, however there was this little retaining ring we could not figure out for the life of us! We were bending and prying but no avail. It was pretty frustrating so we put things back together and ordered the tool. I am sure there is a good sacrament talk in that somewhere. Elder Leach had to do a big financial report, and Kuwahara Kyoudai from the area office came to work on the modem, so I worked with him connecting things, then around 5, Elder Richardson, the district leader called asking if we were coming to district meeting. So we ran upstairs. Had district meeting. Afterwards I decided to call people and invite them to general conference. I called Rick, and he said, I'll see you in 20 min...uhhh okay? Turns out he came to the church to talk in person. He was doing good, but we think he may have some honesty issues. 


Since the sisters had two English speaking investigators we weren't aloud to be in the English session of conference. A little upset that we had to listened to a dubbed conference we decided, "wait...we are tech...we have all the equipment to do this", after a few quick texts we began carrying a projector, sound equipment, the MacBook and a million cables. Then within a matter of minutes we were watching conference on a screen twice the size and clarity than what was in the other room. You have to love modern technology. The three sessions of conference were superb, I loved the vast amounts of revelation that was meted out during the sessions. Sadly with that much spiritual feasting it left no time for dendo. However around 10 president came in with fresh donuts that sister Wada had just made! Yum! 


We had two great sessions of conference, I really enjoyed hearing from the Prophet and other leaders of the church. It is awe inspiring to see how modern revelation leads and guides this church. Something big I really took out of conference was "ponderizing", it is something I want to incorporate more into my life, I can only image how that can bless my life. After conference we worked on weekly planning, which was a fun old time. Then ate lasagna for dinner, then back to weekly planning. I wasn't feeling to great afterwards and ending up having my head in a toilet for an hour puking, so I went ahead and called it a night and went to bed. 

Well I hate to leave on that sad note so on the bright side today I feel a little better! 

Big Hearts!

Elder Dunn

Ishikawa Kyoudai and I after Sports night.

This is the scramble or Shibuya Crossing.

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