Monday, September 28, 2015

Transfers, Elder Leach, and Apartment closings.

Hello, readers! 

My week has been jam packed! With all of the business of transfer week! Also a quick apology for not writing on Saturday, we were busy closing an apartment so we had to move our Preparation day to Monday. 


Elder Moua and I woke up early and began working out the transfer emails. Thankfully Elder Moua insisted on finishing that so I just hung out in the office and studied and wrote in my journal. Thank goodness I had time for it! Also this next transfer I will be staying in the office, but I will be receiving Elder Leach as my new companion! He is a wiz at excel so that makes my life a lot easier! After we went to sushi for lunch! It was deliciousou as the Spanish say. Then Elder Bates and I went to the boxing store again to buy gloves. Ka-pow! Now we won't tear our skin apart when we work out. Then it was off to emails and napping, my favorite part of p-day! As Elder Bates and I were chillin' in the office Sister Wada came in asking if we could take her to Sister Yamashita asap. So I grabbed Elder Mukai and we went over, dropped her off and came back. Well it turns out she needed a blessing so we grabbed Elder Bates and went back. It was an intense experience! Figuring out things with the ambulance and switching back and forth between languages. Thankfully we figured everything out. However we had to stay in the office that night in case we needed to pick them up for, the hospital. So I worked on putting up the roster. It turns out that she was going to have an emergency operation on her that night so we wouldn't need to pick her up. It was a crazy day. 


We awoke had our normal day, then went to DCS to discuss investigators. Since Elder Naganuma and Elder Moua were leaving they spoke in sacrament along with the other missionaries in the area. Church was overall really good, we were able to have some really good conversations. After church I wasn't hungry so I slept then we went out to have a dendo blitz with the YSA. Elder Pratt and I were companions, he is the bomb, he got to the mission at the beginning of last transfer, but is super awesome and willing. We also had Kitahara Kyodai who is a recent return missionary. We had a great time talking to as many people as possible. We really felt like accomplished missionaries. Then ask we came back we were discussing how it went and all of the sudden a car pulled up and a lot of little blonde heads came running out! It was the Shilligs from my ward back home! It was awesome seeing them! I enjoyed hearing about the his mission here when I was back at home through his eyes, however now that I have lived it, it has made a lot more sense. Totally awesome miracle. Then we had an awesome roast for dinner, followed by weekly planning as an apartment for transfer week, or "hey let's see if we can survive week." 

Monday (preparation) 

We began Monday with the normal routine. We helped missionaries with the their iPads, and pulled out all the iPad's we would need for the following week. We also fixed a missionaries iPad who happened to break the iPad by downloading the newest version of iOS. After the hectic day we ate dinner, then went out to go dendo around by housing. It was great, we had a few good conversations but nothing really fruitful. 

Tuesday (more preparation and arrival) 

We awoke and had the normal routine, then began preparation into overdrive. Since Sister Yamashita was sick we had to help cook, and get upstairs ready, not to mention setting up the futons up in the church. Sister Wada assigned me the big task of baking bread and cookies, along with having all the tables set. We also did her a favor by taking apart her mixer which broke a while back and ordered new parts online for her. Then around 7 things started getting crazy again, finishing up baking and getting everything ready. Testing out the culture training videos, and making sure he portal was working correctly. Then at 8 Elder Ford and I ran to the bus stop to meet the new missionaries, I mean we booked it, but we made it just in time. We helped the new missionaries take their bags to the Honbu and eat. I shared the raspberry jam and blackberry jelly my parents sent for my birthday with everyone. Well President Wada has a new favorite jam haha. The training were good, then we relaxed a little with president Wada before retiring to bed. 

Wednesday (trainings)

We awoke ran, and got ready which took forever because of the new missionaries using the showers here too. But then we had breakfast which was oishi! After there were numerous trainings, I woke up with a really sore neck so I layer down until lunch. Then went up to go help. One of the people helping is an executive for a prosthetic company here in Japan! Well I was a kid in a candy store asking him about his company. Then we went out and dendoed with the new missionaries. I worked with the only nehonjen in the group! It was fun, he is actually really special because his visa hasn't come in he is is stuck here up until he leaves. His assigned mission is Salt Lake City. So we worked and passed out a Book of Mormon. It was fulfilling. Then for spinner we took the missionaries out to eat in the surrounding area. I wanted ramen so I took 6 missionaries with me and we went to ramen! It was delicious and the new missionaries agreed. Sadly there was one missionary a little prideful about finishing first,  but I let him know you aren't finished until you drink the soup too (mind you the soup is about 80% fat) , I did too just to not put my shoe in my mouth. It was pretty darn funny. Then when we got back to the church the missionary said he wasn't feeling so good, I assured him he'd be fine and we went to Eakaiwa! It was a blast! I love it when new missionaries help us teach! Then we went upstairs in the mission home to help plan with others. 

Thursday (trainings and Elder Leach)

When we woke up in the morning I was hurriedly greeted by two of the new Elders telling me that the missionary who drank the soup last night got sick and puked as he had diarrhea! It was hilarious! Pour elder. But when he came out he decided to walk to the park instead of run, I lead that group which was fun because I could talk to the new missionaries. It is weird being older than all of them, this is the first group that is like that for me. At breakfast we learned some interesting news. elder and sister Yamashita would be gone for about 5 weeks and Elder and Sister Adamson would be leaving for a family emergency until February! So that means Elder Leach is going to be the new financial secretary of the mission and Elder Ford and I are the secretaries in the mission! Then around 10 Elder Moua left, it was hard saying goodbye to him, he is such a great missionary to be around. Then Elder Mukai and I went to the sisters apartment in the car to pick up Sister Fuggles bags, only that was scary because of Elder Mukai almost hitting a car, old woman, and a wall in a matter of 5 minutes in that order. Then we went to get Elder Leaches things. Then we broke the news to him, he laughed but didn't really believe me. After lunch we had our training, it was fun, we tried to make it interesting for everyone, I think it worked. After we had a planning session together for the upcoming week, and had to keep the missionaries out from upstairs just in case because of the returning missionaries having dinner. 


We had breakfast with the returning missionaries and enjoyed our time talking to them. I had to say goodbye to another former companion, Elder Coggins! It was sad seeing him go. I hope he has a great time in Alabama. Then we worked on clearing iPads, and getting the futons returned to the company which kind of scared us since we wearing entirely aware that they were coming. Around dinner time sister Wada called us upstairs for leftovers! She had us eat at the kitchen table because we were being fed like family. It was a way heart warming meal especially after all the exhaustion. Even the Wada's som Takuto joined us, he is way smart, but kid of shy, really nice though. Then Sister Wada told us about the time when President was called to be the Mission President it was such an intriguing story. After we ran to district meeting and had a great discussion about everything in the district. Elder Jennings and I are now together in the same district once again! 


So you'd think after a long week like this I could just take a nice relaxing p-day. And that would be where you are wrong. We didn't. Instead we were busy little bees again. A sister got really sick and required a blessing which was a great experience, then we helped her to get to the hospital with sister Wada, then Elder Leach, Elder Mukai and I went to Hibarigaoka to close an apartment, which consisted of taking all of the junk out of it and calling a company to take it away, it took forever! For dinner we went to a pork restaurant which was super delicious. Then we came home around 7 and we went to try and find people. We reached our goal, but still no one new to teach. 


We had the normal Sunday routine. During gospel principles we had a really good lesson about marriage. Then during lunch I put skyline packets in the crockpot and let them sit for dinner. During that time we had weekly planning. We were discussing investigators and I found one named Falhad who is from Iran. Now we tried visiting him once and sadly we couldn't find the address, when I brought it up to the assistants they said he is in jail and we wouldn't be able to get ahold of him. I then had the feeling we should call him anyways. So Elder Leach did, and guess who picked up! He did! He old us he wanted to talk to us later since he was busy. So we went back to planning. About an hour and a half later he called again, asking us if we were at the Honbu. Yes came the reply then he hung up. About 3 minutes later he called again saying he was outside. Uhh what? So we ran outside, and there he was a huge buff Iranian, with the kindest smile you could see. He talked to us as if we were best friends, it turns out he is now a refugee and has a lot of time! So we are going to start teaching him! He even invited himself to church. After that experience we went to Joseys to talk with him and even gave him a PMG! He was so surprised and excited to learn  and read more. It was awesome to see how willing the Lord is to bless His servants when they are working hard. 

Well that was my crazy week! Email to y'all on Saturday! 

Big Hearts! 

Elder Dunn

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