Friday, September 18, 2015

An intense Investigator, the PBO & Temple, another trip to Tama

Hello people of earth, 

My week in the land of the rising sun has been great!


After our normal morning routine we went out to lunch with one of our investigators, the sisters, and Sister Nakamura. We went to shakeys, the closest thing you can get to American pizza in Japan, even if the substitute their tomato sauce for mayo sometimes. We have had some concerns with this particular investigator and the sisters since he had an unusual interest in them. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and went, the meal was okay, it was kind of long, but that is okay, because I had a ball with Sister Nakamura, she is probably 4'11" and a little rounded for her age, she old enough to be my great grandmother and is just so genki. She talked and talked, it was a great way to practice Japanese! After one of the most interesting meals I have ever been to we went to go buy groceries, only there was a giant matsuri (festival) down sun road. When I say big I mean huge, Buddhist priests in traditional garb singing chants, men dressed up like samurai warriors, men on horses, and woman in masks! It was a big culture shock, even for Elder Ford who is half! Sadly I forgot my iPad at the Honbu, so I don't have any pictures to share. We then emailed, while Elder Mukai played the piano. Then came back changed quickly and went to a Stake Priesthood Meeting. It was so hot, someone turned up the temperatures to 27! I was sweeting bullets! It was a good way to end our night though. 


We awoke and went to a great DCS, it was one of the better ones I have been to. Then we had Sacrament meeting, the same investigator who we ate pizza with the day before came, but only because Sister Fuggle was speaking in church. President and Sister Wada also visited which was great! They really give a good insight as to what we do as missionaries. Sacrament meeting was great, but all our investigator was doing was pointing out the flaws in speakers. It was kind of annoying, actually it was annoying. He left after Sacrament then Elder Moua and I worked like busy bees to set up for the third hour. Which needed some audio visual equipment set up. I am getting pretty good at plunging things in haha! After church we came back, and planned for the week, then we're busy running around to get a new key indicator puller working all the while I made cookies for a less active. Then we headed in that direction. We tried to meet with a man we have been able to talk to for a few weeks now, except, he had no interest. It was kind of heart breaking but we had an another appointment so there was no reason to get too down. At Joseys apartment we talked to him, I really like Josey, he has a great heart. He is around our age and is a fashion model for a big company. His brother Shoma is also a model. It was good to talk to him about serving a mission. We are working hard to help him become a great member again. 


After our morning rituals we went to the office. I found out that one of the former missionaries in the mission helped us with one of the issues with the app, so that was great. We then joked around to see if we could release the app in a commercial like event that Apple does. However after realizing that a man with a British Accent is hard to find in Tokyo we hashed the plan. We had Sister Fuggle beta test it with an apartment she had visited. Which was great, we got a lot of needed feedback. We kept working through the afternoon and into the evening, then one of our investigators called, you know the one we went to eat pizza and came to church, well Elder Moua was scared of talking to him so I figured, "hey, I can do all things through Christ the Lord who strengthens me." So with Philippians in my head I answered the phone. To which this man told me to find him a job because Mormons have a good network of people, he wasn't to excited to hear that our program is for self reliance and people looking for jobs, not people upset because they didn't receive a 40% raise. Then we went on about various other "issues" he had. Lastly though he mentioned one of the sisters as "my (insert sisters last name)" putting a lot of grotesque emphasis on it. Poor man didn't know what coming for him. I treat the sister missionaries like I treat my little sister and so if some middle aged man talked like that about my sister they would find out why she calls be brother bear. I proceeded to use a lot more boldness then I am accustomed to, in telling him the error of his ways. When you deprive someone by the means of the spirit there is a different majesty about you had you not and only been by the power of man alone. After the intense conversation we talked to president about it and he said that we need to be a little more blunt with him to get through. After a dinner of sandwhiches we left to go dendo. We housed a few places and none of them had sincere interest which was kind of hard, but it's okay. 


We awoke early for a run then got dressed ran to the station and began making our way to the temple. At Hiro-o station we were going out of the ticket gate and saw a group of Americans (granted in Hiro-o the population of gaijin is like 40%). However they were senior missionaries with their daughter and family! It was fun to talk to them, and it turns out we had talked on the phone before because he is in charge of technology in the area office. He then invited us to take the back way to the temple. We said sure why not. So he took us right to the area office also known as the Presiding Bishoprics Office! Wow! It was amazing! We walked right through then we're led to the ally way. And they informed us that the temple was right down the street, what a great way to get there! Since we had some extra time we walked in this beautiful park near the temple, which all the pictures of the temple are taken from, and trust me they have to photoshop about a million power lines out. But I got a great picture from the tree line in the park, it is hard to believe it is in Japan! The temple was peaceful and needed! Afterwards we came home and since our P-day was wrecked on Saturday we had some extra time. So we went out shopping. Elder Moua wanted to look for a few things and I wanted some boxing mits! So we went to a local dojo and asked them, they seemed really puzzled at the sight of an American and a loasian asking where to buy mits. Thankfully we found a place and I bought some mits! Ka-pow! After we went to dendo near bishops house! We visited but only Sister Hasagawa was home so we talked to her and their daughters before trying to talk to more people. Sadly nothing big but we were able to get out which was great. 


Since I bought the mits you better bet your buckets we used them, however Elder Bates knocked a big old chunk of skin, we decided to wait till we buy gloves... Staff meeting was completely in Japanese for once which was a change, but it worked I understood what was going on. Afterwards the man turning into a leper because of skin loss and I went to Sizzlers to have lunch. It was Delicious (that is a big D delicious not a small d) and a great way to eat some good old American food...well nachos at least. Then we came home and I used iMovie to create the new culture videos, featuring the one and only Elder Bates. That took most of my time, then I had to work on breaking into an awol missionaries iPad, for president. Took some time. Eakaiwa was fun, we had a spelling bee which as a food time. 


After a normal routine we skipped eating lunch at home and went to Tama! We ate at the indo curry restaurant there! It was delicious! Then to D2 to buy some tools for the mission thank heavens they allow us to ship them here. Then we came home in the rain...we have bad timing when we take trips. We took the monorail on the way home and Elder Moua fell asleep on a woman thinking it was Elder Ford, it was pretty dang funny when he woke up. After getting home I changed into slippers and we went over for district meeting, it was a great meeting, a lot was able to be discussed. Afterwards we went to ippudo! For ramen, it was a filling day, literally! At the end of dinner the Sisters started singing happy birthday, which confused me a lot because my birthday was three weeks ago, then they gave me a way nice card, for my birthday, filled with pictures I have taken around the office! It was way kind and hilarious! Then Elder Moua and I went to go find people, we met some really prepared people and hope to meet them again, but we shall see. 


We awoke got ready, and then took the car to the zone blitz in Kunitachi! We had a great learning session with president Wada, then we went out for lunch. Afterwards, we met with our various companions to go and find people. First I was with Elder Uemura who is a boss! The first man we found we talked to for an hour about the gospel! Talk about a prepared person, he just wanted to know more! It was neat! Then I was with Elder Kerr passing out flyers, however I am not the biggest fan of it so I sat with an older man who was drinking coffee, we had a good talk, he was really nice and even invited himself to Eakaiwa! Then I passed out more chirashi, and i met Bookie! He is awesome! We started talking and became fast friends. We took a picture and he went on his way. We had to go home to catch up on a bunch of work, then when we got home I had a message waiting for me from my new friend! We have been messaging each other back and forth! It turns out he met missionaries 40 years ago! Talk about a long time in the making! We then worked on various office chores to finish out our day. 

Well everyone, this week has been quick, and next week will be insane so if my email make little to no sense I am apologizing a week in advance! 

Big Hearts, 

Elder Dunn

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