Friday, August 21, 2015

Saying goodbye to the more missionaries, late dinners with President, and building an app.



We awoke to a wonderful run, then had a good study. After personal
study the office exploded a little so we were getting things figured
out. Then a large African American man walked in wearing rose colored
shades, and had his black hair slicked back. He introduced himself as
Jett Edwards, and he asked if President Wada was in. Sadly he wasn't
so we talked a little bit, he does a gospel choir every other weekend
at the church. He left to go to the church then came back after a
little bit, sadly none of the people came the other week because he
was was in America or something. Well come to find out this man is no
small star, he was Michael Jacksons Producer and Manager! Yeah...I met
the king of pop's producer and manager! Not only that but he is
friends with the Wadas! Sister Wada came down and they talked about
their kids and jazz, he left and Sister Wada invited the Office and
Assistants to dinner upstairs! We then went shopping! We went to Loft
and looked around, I love that store so much, I don't know if they are
in America or not, but they should be. Then to Seiyu for groceries.
They had corn on sale 97 cents an ear. So we bought some to grill.
Then after our shopping we came home and emailed. I caught mom and
Katie awake so we emailed back and forth for a little bit, so that was
nice. I helped Elder Bates with his college application. Then I took a
much needed nap. After we went upstairs and cooked steak with the
Wadas, president was pretty excited about the corn. It was a fun
dinner. The Wadas son was home so we ate and talked with him. He is
way wicked smart, and just got back from BYU from a summer semester.
After dinner Elder Ford and I went out to go meet some of the
Brazilians we had met last week, however they wear my home so we
knocked a few doors. I love some people's responses. Such as, "I can't
some to the door I am cooking with oil." Or "I don't want to talk to
you because you bring war" or "well Japanese people believe this..."
That is great but what do you believe? We then biked home and went
upstairs to have watermelon, then gather some spices for tomorrow's

We woke up early and began preparing the roast, that is a nice change
up from running every morning! We then got ready, had a little bit of
study time then went next door to the church for DCS. It was a good
meeting, after we had our normal 3 hour block. It is nice to finally
feel comfortable listening and reading Japanese, I am by no means
perfect, but it is starting to grow a little more exponentially. After
church we had choir practice, we have sung the same hymn since I have
been here! Talk about ridiculous! After we came back to the office and
had to fix a few problems throughout the mission. It took a good
church of time sadly trying to get everything fixed but after we fixed
it we dove right into the roast! It was so delicious! We even made
homemade mashed potatoes! I think we all enjoyed a good Sunday home
cooked dinner. We then had our weekly planning, it is in this weird
form of Japanese and English. Since most of us can speak at least a
decent amount of either language we switch back and forth a lot. After
our planning we had to help the assistants fix a key indicator report
that a previous tech staff made, but broke. So that was a fun time.

We awoke and worked out at the apartment because the rain was coming
down pretty hard! Yay exercise! Then we had staff meeting! It is one
of my favorite parts of the week! We discussed different assignments.
Well it turns out last week I volunteered for 3 big assignments and
completely forgot about them! I was so excited about making bread I
forgot! President thought that was pretty funny so it turned into a
running joke for the rest of the meeting. But now I have a project to
redesign an app, supply all the apartments with tool kits, and
landscape a garden for one of the missionary houses in the mission.
After studies Elder Ford and I went out to a famous Ramen shop called
Ippudo! They have a few in America as well. It was delicious. Then we
came back to the office and worked hard on various projects. Right
now, Elder Moua and I are building an App for the iPads. Only the
church wants all apps written in HTML (simply put it is what is
written to make websites). So that is a fun little task for us. It's
not hard it is just causing me to learn another language. At this rate
I'll come home fluent in all kinds of languages haha! The previous app
was built in such a way that it just wasn't as pretty as we wanted it
and wouldn't save data values. That project took most the day and we
aren't anywhere close to finishing. To relax my brain I looked at
plants and had some good ideas as to how to design a flower bed.
Sister Wada and I figured out some good designs. I was amazed at how
much I remembered, and how things worked with different plants! It
caused for a busy but fulfilling day!

We decided to risk it and go running in the rain. After that we came
back and studied. After personal study Elder Mukai and I went to
Kunitachi for a RPLA session with president Wada. It was really good.
President did a great job, and really helped me understand the Book of
Mormon. It caused for a lot of pondering. Afterwards one of the
sisters who was there came up to me and showed me a picture. It was
the Shilligs, a family from my ward back at home! She said they were
so cute that she cried...twice! It is crazy to think they are only a
30 minute train ride away! After the meeting we came back and began
work tearing apart code from different apps made by the mission in
order to get a grasp on what needs to be done for this next app. Elder
Moua and I took a break and went shopping for tools. I'll tell you
what, they do not have great tools here in japan. With that being
said, I did almost buy a power drill for 20 dollars. But then realized
the purposes for it were a little bit lacking. We then came back to
the honbu and planned to go out and dendo, however the two nehongen
left so we needed to be with Elder Ford, and just as we were about to
leave President stopped us and asked if he would get a bike situation
worked out...agh. But we redesigned the icon for the app. We made a
very simplistic but elegant icon. That is exactly what we wanted.

We awoke and went running! I know I sound like a broken record but
it's true! Then we went upstairs to help Sister Wada cook! President
has stopped pulling me out of the kitchen to help set up, or talk to
everyone because he knows how much I love it in there (or he has
forgotten about me, but the first one sounds a little better). My
buddy and former companion Elder Crandall was going home along with a
group of other missionaries. I'll tell you what he has to be one of my
favorite people from my mission. We got along way well. After a giant
breakfast, we took pictures and sent the missionaries on their way.
Crazy, it seemed like yesterday we were talking about going home and
then boom, off to BYU! That is the hardest part of the Honbu is saying
goodbye to people. After we went to workmans to look at buying tools,
however all they sell is work clothing. They have a million different
types of steel toed shoes, like skater shoes, to running shoes, the
whole nine yards and then some! Sadly no tools though, so we came back
to the office to find that one of the sisters who helps in the kitchen
brought us Oreos from America! President Wada saw them when he came in
and asked where out milk was, so we went and grabbed some and ate
Oreos for lunch! After we continued with the coding and making
everything else work in the office, some weeks I feel like everything
just falls apart. After some time we went out to dinner to Ippudo
again, it was delicious! When we got back we sent the Adamsons out to
eat there. After we came back got ready for Eakaiwa and had a great
class we did debates again. There is one woman who is really funny and
gets really animated in the class. We are steadily growing our class
which is awesome! After Class the YSA were having an activity and had
a left over uncooked pizza so they gave it to us! We took it in the
office and President saw it so we asked if we could cook it in his
oven. He said sure, then we asked if we could plan in his kitchen he
said no, but recommended the living room instead, so we planned then
ate pizza with President. It. Was. Hilarious! President was practicing
his Japanese English accent which was so funny (he normally has no
accent). Sister Wada did. It find it as funny but he had the whole
office in tears over it. It made for a fantastic ending to our night.

We awoke to an invigorating run. Then had our studies. After studies I
took a nap then ate a small sand which then went out to work in the
office. We are getting about together. We worked on the app more but I
got stuck so I put it down for a while. Then we had a lesson with
Itsuki-San who is our eternal investigator. He isn't progressing at
all, and has some really frustrating things he does, but we are giving
him a lot of foreigner love and it'll break his hard shell. After we
had ping pong night!mi am not great at ping pong, but it is still
pretty fun. President came over and played too, it was a blast to have
him join in.

We awoke and went running again. It was a great run! I'm getting
faster each day. Then we studied, after studies we went out to the
office and worked. We are getting really close with the app. I got
stuck on a certain part the day before but had a dream about how to
fix it and it worked! Elder Moua and I took a break so he could buy
more tabs he is building a forwarding book of all the apartments. When
we came back we continued work. Then Sister Magleby and Sister
Murakami came because Sister Murakamis iPad broke, so Elder Moua spent
some time getting it back into working order and getting her a new
iPad. Sister Magleby turns out worked at BYU under the tech division.
So she helped make the app icon more crisp..but in the end we changed
the outline by just a shade. It helped a lot. During dinner we cleaned
and ate, then after dinner I uploaded the app to the portal to see how
it worked...well it downloads just fine, however it is missing the
file that runs the app. So that is a little frustrating so I gave up
on it and went to bed.

I figured I would give everyone a break from all the kanji written for
the days.


Elder Dunn

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