Friday, August 14, 2015

A crock pot, baking bread at the Wadas, and training new missionaries!

Hello my wonderful Family and Friends who live across the seaへ

I'll be straight with everyone, I didn't have time to write in my
journal until Thursday night, it shows you how busy we have been.

We awoke worked out, then began working out transfer emails! We pull a
program that has all of the transfers with areas, new companions,
nearest train stations, ect. Then we have a draft email, and send it
out to everyone. It took us all morning organizing all the data. Then
at 11 we began sending, but we ran into a big old problem. Google only
allows 100 emails to be send from your email address in one day...and
we had almost 200 to send! Talk about a problem, so we began
scrabbling around before everyone starts calling asking why one
companion received and they didn't. So we switched emails in the
program and were able to send everything out! After that stressed
induced moment we decided to go on a day trip! To Yokota Air base.
Elder Ford has an ID card so that allows us be signed on as well. On
our way there we met a man from Aulstralia who is a fantastic person.
We talked for quite a while. Then we got to the base and walked to the
BX, well first we went to the food court and had Taco Bell! The drink
cups are so big! I completely forgot about that! Then we went to the
BX, it was so crazy! All the American goods! We bought various goods
then we came across the cooking supplies. We ran across a crockpot!
Then Elder Ford turned to me and asked if we could use it. Uh...of
course! We tried to call sister Wada to see if it was reimbursable
however, we had no cell phone service. So we decided to buy it anyways
and ask her later. So after finishing our shopping we went outside and
called her. She sounded pretty surprised that we were able to get
ahold of one, and was surprised that we bought it too! She said we
could reimburse it which was good news. Around that time a man came up
to us and asked us how we were doing, people on base seemed a lot more
friendly and willing to say hello than if we were off base. We went to
the commissary and bought tons of groceries, then packed them in our
bags and hauled them home. Upon returning we scrambled to put them
away and get out the door to dendo. Elder Ford and I went to go visit
a less active/ recent convert however he didn't want to see us when we
knocked on his door. So we decided to house the surrounding area. We
knocked an entire apartment complex and not a single person came to
the door. So we went to another area, which we just kind of walked
into. We both had the feeling to go in a certain direction but we
weary really sure which way that was. We knocked on one door finding
the same results as before. Then we decided to go to a specific door,
so we went and found a woman from Brazil! My Portuguese is more than a
little is more like non existent! Her Japanese was fine so
we talked to her about our message and she asked if we had anything
for her! Sadly we didn't but we set up a return appointment. She also
told us where a few more brazilians live! So running a little low on
time we prayed to see what we should do and had to feeling we should
continue on. So we were able to find a really prepared Japanese man!
It was amazing!

We awoke and Elder Ford and I figured out the crockpot and put some
ribs in that we bought. We then all went to church. It was great, I
really have a hard time when instead of teaching they plan
events...that isn't really the purpose of the class. We had a meeting
with the bishop afterwards about dendo and a big festival we are
having soon. It was exciting for sure. Then we came back to the office
and got ready for the testimony meeting for the leaving missionaries
that night. We then ate our feast of ribs with vegetables. It was very
American and delicious! Then we had song practice for a song that one
of the Elders in the mission wrote. The testimony meeting was good, it
was a little strange hearing missionaries that I have known for what
seems like a long time bear their final testimonies. After we worked
on fixing the roster for everyone. Then president came in and sat and
talked with us for a while. While we got ready for tomorrow's leaving

We awoke and began scrambling to get everything together before
parents and missionaries started showing up. It was a little hectic
getting everything together. Then we figured out the method we needed
to use. Collecting iPads, bike bags, and emergency kits. We then had
breakfast, which was delicious because sister Wada made it. Then took
pictures, collected the rest of the iPads. Then we sent the
missionaries on their way to the airport. I think it takes a lot out
of President and Sister Wada seeing them leave. We worked on clearing
iPads and getting everything in order, then the portal started
breaking because a former missionary was on "fixing" things but didn't
really help us a whole lot. So we had to go back in and fix things.
After that we found out that the roster was wrong and that some things
needed to be changed so we spent more time working on the roster.
Ending an exhaustive day.

We awoke, ran, and began our studies, during language study sister
Wada had Elder Ford and I go to the kitchen so she could teach us how
to use the oven. Then for lunch we went to stamina as a district with
President Wada. It was fun, but yakiniku is not one of my favorites to
be honest. We then came back and began preparing for the new
missionaries coming. We had to set up futons in the church and in the
Wadas house. Then around 4 things got exciting. Sister Wada taught us
how to use the oven because she said I could bake bread for all the
new missionaries for dinner! So Elder Ford and I made bread, then kept
setting up. At around 7 we walked to the bus stop under the train
station to wait for the new missionaries. The sisters were going to
join us however they got hung up so we had to run after them so they
wouldn't go the wrong way. When the new missionaries got here they
were so tired! I am sure none of them had ever felt humidity before
because that is the first thing they all said. What is really funny is
that none of them had filters, they all just said what was on their
mind be used they were so tired. We then went back to the honbu and
ate dinner, then had a training with Sister Wada and Tech Staff. The
videos on the portal were hard to run of the iPad so it lagged a
little but it all worked out...that and none of them will remember
much anyways. After they all crashed we cleaned and set up for the
next day.

Elder Blanchard and I awoke at 4 to go to the airport to pick up Elder
Kaesler ( remember the missionary who wrecked on his bike a while back
and had to go home?) he flew in from Aulstralia so we had to drive
through Tokyo to go and get him. It was a fantastic view! We drove on
rainbow bridge, drove next to a Shinkansen (bullet train), say sky
tree, and Tokyo tower, and saw the emperors palace! Talk about an
amazing adventure! However we got home pretty tired, we helped sister
Wada cook breakfast then had some trainings with new missionaries. I
stayed awake until after lunch but to be honest, I don't remember a
whole lot at all. President recommended that we go and take naps, so
we did! It helped a lot. After waking up we went to go eat dinner as a
big group, we ate at an udon restaurant which isn't really my favorite
to be honest. The sisters that came in are say
the least. There were 5 sisters and 1 elder that came in. It was weird
realizing that I end my mission before they do...I don't feel like
that is even possible. We then came home answered missed calls then
went to eakaiwa. We did tongue twisters! It was a blast! We had a
great time. Then after president called us upstairs to talk to us. He
asked us to redo the training for the iPads for tomorrow....which was
the next afternoon! Talk about hectic, so we began the process ripping
apart everything we needed to for the new training.

Elder Ford and I awoke at 5 so he could finish a PowerPoint for the
new missionaries and so I could start working on the new training. We
then went running with the new missionaries! It was a blast...well not
really, they all hated the humidity so much they didn't want to sweat.
After returning home we got ready and went upstairs to help with
breakfast! Sister Wada was excited to see me and asked if I would
start helping! Of course, so I grabbed a towel, threw it over my
shoulder, and began making French toast! She said she wasn't following
a recipe, so I had some creative liberties making it. That was
enjoyable. From my run I was pretty tired so I just drank misou soup.
After we went downstairs and worked on the training, by running
through it with some missionaries. Then we continued pulling it apart
for the next few hours. Then we had lunch, after lunch was our
training. For two hours we talked about iPads. It was pretty
exhaustive for everyone. Then we passed out gear to everyone and sent
them on their way. After we finished up various projects and rested
from the exhaustion.

We woke up and began our day with a run. Then we studied. After
studies I took a nap because I was exhausted. Then I put uploaded a
project I have been working on for a while on the portal. It is nice
to finally be finished with that. Elder Adamson was wondering how I
changed his desktop background so I worked on showing him the
different options. We then went to district meeting. Elder Naganuma is
the new district leader, and if you remember anything from him it is
probably that his English isn't the best. It is hilarious though. He
google translated the agenda which was hilarious, I can tell this
transfer will be a lot of fun as a district. After district meeting
Sister Fuggle gave me her iPad to switch because her internet wasn't
working. Her new companion, Sister Hart, asked if I had lived in Ohio
my whole life. I was like yeah I have! Then she told me that she use
to live in the Xenia ward! Granted her family left about ten years
ago, but it was crazy seeing how many mutual friends we have! I worked
on the iPad pulling things off then went to district dinner at the
church. That was fun, then we went back to the office to continue
setting up the new iPad, and fixing a few problems across the mission
regarding the cell phones. We got a call from president Wada around 8
asking us to set up the conference room for a conference call tomorrow

To be honest this week has flown by way to quickly. It is weird being
able to pay more attention to all the new training when the new
missionaries come in. I didn't remember half of it!

Keep trying to beat the heat 皆さん!

Elder Dunn

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