Friday, July 24, 2015

Way to much Facebook usage, zone blitz, and problems with the portal.

My beloved family and friends,

Well this week has flown by way to fast! Yeah, that is good enough for
a introduction...

We awoke and played basketball as a district that was a fun break from
all the running that I have been doing! After that we got ready and
began studies. Our personal study was interrupted by President Wada
asking about Facebook. So we had to end studies there and begin
working so we could accomplish the task he assigned which turned into
us working until noon, cleaning our Facebook profiles. We then went
grocery shopping for the week. Then we came home and ate dinner. After
we emailed them took a nice long nap. That was refreshing. After Elder
Moua and I went to go find a sports store in the area, and we got
lost. I guess that is what happens when you don't go outside enough.
It was a good adventure though. We then worked on Facebook, and fixing
iPad issues around the mission. Then we planned, and cut hair.

We awoke and lounged around for the first little bit then got ready,
and studied a little bit before church. At church a newly wed couple
came from Utah, only the husband had served his mission in Sapporo.
His wife didn't speak any Japanese so my companion translates for her.
During sacrament I spoke, I was asked to speak a while back, but I was
able to finally. It was good, each time is a little better than the
last time. With so many areas it is pretty easy to keep track of. The
rest of church was really good. Then we came home and ate lunch, then
worked on cleaning up Facebooks from 1-10:20pm. I kid you not, it was
awful. We have to look through every missionaries Facebook, and make
sure there is nothing bad on them. Around 3 we got a neat surprise.
Elder McCarty, well now Kinjo surprised everyone by coming back to
japan. He bought a plane ticket and spontaneously flew out! It was a
lot of fun talking to him. He spent most the day with us in the
office. Come to find out when he was younger he lived in the Piqua
Ward back at home and knew a lot of the members there! Small World!
After our exhaustive day we were talking before going to bed and Elder
Blanchard and I found out we have a mutual friend, Elder Birch, who
served back in my home ward a couple of years ago. Come to find out
they harvested potatoes together! Way crazy day!

Someday a prepare you for others, yesterday was amazing but today was
exhausting! We woke up for a run, then studied. For lunch we had
biscuits and gravy, I didn't know I could make gravy until I tried, it
was amazing and delicious. Then we showed President Wada the big
project we have been working on. He gave us some advice on how he
wants to see the data. He also told us how he wants it. So we spent
the next few hours fixing things. We took a break and took a sister
missionaries bike to the bike shop to get her lock cut off and to get
a new one put on. It was so hot outside! Then we came back and worked
more on the project and my companion checked some Facebooks. It is
another exhaustive project. For dinner we were going to go to sushi
however it was really busy, so we went to spaghetti. It was a good
break. Then when we went to the bank on the way home we ran into a man
from Texas. He was really friendly then introduced himself as a former
missionary from our mission! Whoa! That was cool! We talked to him a
lot and took him back to the office, then we realized the phone was
left at the spaghetti place so we went there and grabbed it, came back
and continued. We finished, however we had problems with the printer
so we just showed President Wada on the Laptop. He was impressed! It
feels so good to hear a job well done, even though it isn't entirely
finished yet.

We woke up and got ready really quick then got on the train to go to
the dentist. It was an exhaustive trip. I still hate getting smashed
into a train, some people just get way to close. After the dentist
experience the way home was much better. Then we studied for a little
bit, and went to Shakey's for lunch with the Assistants, that was fun.
We then came home did a little work then went to the church so we
could have a zone blitz. The first spilt was with Elder Otsuka, it was
a really good split, I enjoyed being around him. He was in my first
area when I couldn't speak Japanese at all, not saying anything has
changed, but I was able to communicate for sure! After I was with
Elder Fenton, I am usually a calm person but when someone starts
talking really bad about one of my old areas, and some investigators.
That just fires me up. You bet your last dollar I let him know. I
don't care where you are from, just because you didn't like an area
doesn't mean you need to talk bad about it. I felt a strong need to
perform service to get my mind off of things. One of the sisters in
our districts bike was tire was completely shot, and the way I saw it,
if my sister serves a mission and her bike is broken I hope there
would be another missionary or someone willing to fix it for her. So
we grabbed the bike and downy Debbie and went to the shop. It is hard
to dendo when you can't feel the spirit. So service was the next
option. After the bike was fixed we went to the church to split again,
this time I was with Elder Murata, who loves to dendo. It was a great
split, we got a lot done. Then we split back, took pictures and drank
tons of water! We were all soaked in sweat! After that we went to the
office and worked til the end of the night, on projects and Facebook.
It was exhausting. Talk about a long day...looking back I don't hate
the missionary I was with, I just don't like the things he said, and
the negative attitude toward life and everyone in general.

Elder Bates and I went for a good run in the morning. Then we had
personal study, after that we had staff meeting. It was really good,
they are one of my favorite meetings of the week, president is the
most relaxed during that meeting. Then Sister Wada was having trouble
with her iPhone so we worked on fixing that for her. Afterwards we
went out to lunch with the assistants again, to the same place...for
some reason we have all been craving pizza recently. After that we
came back to the office and worked, which consisted of various things
such as fixing the portal, calling missionaries, and working on
president Wadas big assignment. After that we went to Seiyu to get
lunch, I wasn't hungry so I didn't buy anything. Then we ran to
Eakaiwa. We played boggle with the students which was a lot of fun! I
think they enjoyed the new game! After we played a game as a big
group. It was a lot of fun. I'll tell you what, looking back on what I
wrote, it looks like I did nothing...sadly I can't say anything more
that has really happened...

We awoke didn't go running, we were losers. Then we had studies. For
lunch we ate fried chicken and potato chips too, that we made! It was
fun. We then worked, and worked. We had to help people get on
Facebook. Then we found out that President Wada tried posting these
huge files to Facebook that are unable to be posted, in fact our
mission website can't even upload them..well the normal way at least.
So I FTPed into the website and posted it into a link and then linked
that to Facebook. It took forever. But we finished it. Then we had
district meeting, it has been really hard to get something out of
district meeting recently, but the spiritual thought was great, it was
given by Elder Adamson one of the senior missionaries. We then had
sushi as a district, that was a fun time. Then came back fixed a few
more bugs, and then went to sports night. It is nice to be out of the
office. Sometimes it feels like the office is a never ending trap,
especially as tech staff. Since we are a brand new assignment, as of
about a year or so. We are asked to do a lot. Thanks to one of the
missionaries we have in the mission our portal looks amazing, so we
are "maintaining it" as well as making improvements. Basketball and
volleyball were great. I gave the spiritual thought, and my brain was
retry shot from staring at a computer screen for more than I wanted
to. So it wasn't as clear as I would have liked. Afterwards we helped
set up for a wedding, that was fun. Then back to the office, President
and Sister Wada came home and locked themselves out! Thank goodness we
had a spare! We helped them carry in groceries, then we showed
president everything we did. He was surprised with all we were able to
do, then assigned us more...imagine that. It's okay he gave us a lot
of compliments, which made everything worth it.

We woke up and went for a great run, our usual park outing. Then had
studies, halfway through language study I konked out, and it was hard.
Like I woke up with 15 minutes left of lunch. But I was refreshed.
Then I began the battle. We are created a file that has all of the
recent converts and less actives on it, but we needed to make it into
a PDF, so that turned into a big ol project. It took me 4 hours to
make one button, which was exhausting. So then we went out to dinner,
to McDonald's, just to hang out and relax. Then we came home and I
skyped Elder Berube and we figured out one of the PHP problems with
the portal, then I had to fix all of buttons, but I figured it out so
it wasn't too bad. Wow...I with I could have written more.

Well that was my fascinating week. Have a wonderful day! Make someone
smile, or just smile at someone. Sorry this was a little more
technical than usual.

Big hearts everyone!

Elder Dunn

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