Friday, July 3, 2015

The aquarium, transfers, and a busy day at the office.

Hello everyone!

This week has been crazy busy, but I have been having fun!

Elder Coggins and I, after getting dressed went to the church to
finish up his college application. He was really excited, we were able
to finish before I transfer. We then found Misu Kyodai outside of the
church right after and we walked with him to the train station, we
then charged our cards and waited for the other elders. Then took
trains to sagamiono to get lunch! We had gioza or Chinese pot
stickers! They were delicious. We then continued our journey and went
to Endoshima, to the aquarium! It was so cool! It has the largest
single pane of glass in the world, it is huge! They had a giant fish
tank filled with sharks, eels, manta rays, and all kinds of other
fish. We then went to a dolphin show! It was absolutely terrific! I
have never seen Dolphins move like that! After we finished the
aquarium by looking at the jellyfish, they are such simple and
peaceful animals. While in the aquarium I got a million calls from
tech staff, they were prepping me for the calling. After the aquarium
we went to the island to the fish doctor. Where you can pay to get
your feet eaten by fish! It was such an interesting experience! We
then emailed on the trains home. Bought groceries, and then went to
FHE with a less active family. It was a lot of fun, you could tell
they miss having the gospel in their lives, hopefully as I transfer
out they will continue progressing closer to following Christ again.

We began our day, ate lunch, then elder Gailey and I packed for the
following 3 hours! We got a lot of it finished. Thank goodness for
vacuum bags! We sent those off then Elder Gailey and I went out to
dendo. We found a place where a bunch of Nepalese people live, so we
call it the Nepalese village. There we found 3 new potential
investigators! They were all really friendly and genuine, a few even
invited themselves to church. After housing we split back with our
normal companions and Elder Coggins and I went with Sugimoto Kyodai to
a burger restaurant to help him film a new segment to a web show he is
making. It was a lot of fun helping him. Then we went to the church
and had a lesson with Tomo, we tried to get him set up to do family
history work, however in Japan family history research has to be done
through the government which makes it practically impossible to do. It
was a little sad, but we were able to share scriptures from the New
Testament with him and talk about baptisms for the dead. We then had a
lesson with Ishikawa Kyodai, the recent convert, he is really kind. We
had a great lesson and talked about Chirst coming to the Americas. My
companion led most of the conversation with questions. We are learning
how to ask better questions. It was a long, eventful, and enjoyable

I woke up with my shoulder in sharp pain, so I stretched instead of
working out. For lunch we made some personal pan pizzas! They were
super delicious! Then we went out to dendo, but before my companion
needed to take a pit stop. He put something on his pizza that cleared
him out. After that, my companion went to go get a haircut, why he
didn't wait till p-day I don't know, but he insisted on it. We then
went housing in the rain, we talked to a few great people, and were
able to set up a follow up appointment with another person. We then
went to the church for Kodomo Eakaiwa! It was a blast! We sang songs,
and drew pictures. Then we went to Go! Go! Curry, for one last time
with Misu Kyodai, I am really going to miss him. He is like the
missionaries uncle. We the. Had Eakaiwa! It was a lot of fun. Sister
Reeves and I taught. Sister Reeves ends her mission tomorrow so it was
her last day. Since it was my last day too, I helped teach. It was a
lot of fun. I am amazed at how close you can get to so many great
people in only a short amount of time. It was sad to go. After Eakaiwa
we took pictures and talked to people before we headed out. Goodbye
Hachioji, you have been a wonderful place!

I woke up to Elder Coggins getting ready, then at 6:30 we went to the
train station. After dropping him off, we went back to the apartment
and got ready, and I finished up my packing. Then after finishing we
took my bags to the church and headed to the train station. Then I got
on the train and was off. When I arrived at the Honbu it was bustling
around with excitement. Elder Moua my new companion, was with Elder
Lobacarro busily working on the computers and getting things figured
out for when he leaves. Then they briefed me for a training that we
were giving in only a short little bit! After that we went and got
lunch upstairs. Sister Wada made lunch for the office elders and all
the new missionaries that had come in. When Sister Wada saw me she
told me that she was going to buy me and oven, but then she found out
I was coming here, so she didn't buy one! After lunch we helped take
pictures, then took all the new missionaries upstairs and gave
presentation on our iPads, and the goal of the use of them and how we
can use them more effectively. After we dropped off Elder Lobacarro,
and went back to the office, where I had to work on pulling pictures
off iPads, to put them on flash drives for all the returning
missionaries that had just shown up, then I worked on figuring out all
my other new responsibilities. After I finished that, I forwarded all
the mail. Since one of the other office elders, elder Murakami was
busy translating we had to wait for him because they had a lesson.
After waiting we went to dinner at sushi, then back home where we
changed for sports night. I have missed basketball a lot! It was a
blast playing again. We then came home, planned then waited to see if
sister Wada needed help upstairs, so we didn't get to bed until late.
It really is a whole new lifestyle.

If this next day is incoherent, sorry, my brain is a little fried.
Today we woke up at 5:45 to play dodgeball with all the missionaries
going home. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to wake up. After we
got ready and studied. Just kidding. I read my scriptures for 30
minutes, then we went upstairs to help all the missionaries leaving
and cleaned up breakfast. We helped clean, then make rice balls, then
collected iPads. It was really bitter sweet to see all the
missionaries leave. Afterwards I began wiping iPads..okay my brain
hurts so here is how this next little bit is going to go. From the
hours of 1-7:30, I was alone working on tech staff as my companion
went to the dentist with one of the assistants. While he was gone I,
broke into iPads that were locked to wipe the, wiped other iPads and
cleaned them, fixed the mission portal, skyped another Elder who wrote
some code for the portal to fix it, went to district meeting, worked
with missionaries who area books were broken, fixed Sister Adamsons
email account, fixed a folder Brother Adamson deleted by accident, and
worked on posting something to the portal. It was exhausting! But I
finished it all! Then Elder Bates and I went to go out to eat to relax
our brains, I almost fell asleep in my food. Then we walked to Seiyu
and and bought ice cream. Then back to the church to get home on time.
Where we worked on setting up Skype for President Wada in the morning
for a conference call. Work just seems to pile up around hear,
extinguish one fire and two more build, however it is a lot of fun
helping others. (I will tell you what, I understand now why the honbu
elders have the best beds in the mission.)

I love you all!

Elder Dunn

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