Friday, July 31, 2015

Old friends at FHE, Lunch with President Wada, and a lot of fixing.

Hello everyone!

So I will apologize for how short it is this week. I didn't have
enough time most nights to write so I had to make up for them really

Oh yeah... Preparation day! We studied, bought groceries, then wrote
personal emails. Then I was able to do my favorite thing...nap! It
felt great! Then we got dressed and went to Loft! I love the layout of
loft it is like an ikea only up. The interior designers did a great
job. They had a massive Star Wars exhibit too! Then we came back and
worked on uhh various problems.

We began our day by going to church for DCS, it was good. Then we had
Sacrament meeting, the young women had a report to u ka...I am not
sure of the word in English anymore. The rest of church was great.
Then elder Moua and I left after lunch to go to Shomas to dendo around
the area. We found a giant park and were able to talk to some great
people. I enjoyed it a lot. It felt good to be out of the office. Then
after dinner we spent the rest of the night planning. Planning with 4
people is exhausting.

We awoke and went for our normal run. But then we played a prank on
Elder Naganuma, whose birthday it was. We jumped him in the office and
threw him up in the air and sang. Then we worked had our various
activities to work on after studies. I didn't have a whole lot of work
so I just found ways to help everyone else. Around dinner time I
wasn't feeling very good so I payed down for an hour then went
upstairs for FHE! Sister Yamauchi found me and gave me bread! I love
Sister Yamauchi, it was so great to see her again! We had a great
lesson about the importance of families. The lesson great. I enjoyed
helping in the kitchen setting things up. Then we went finished our
day by planning.

Seller Moua and I woke up got ready and went to Shinjuku. At Shinjuku
we ran into Sister Devey and Sister Hapipour who are the sisters in
Tama. They were on their way to the temple, that was fun to talk about
one of my old areas. We then went to the dentist, and I crashed and
took a nap. Afterwards we went back and ate ramen at a shop, the
noodles were a little fishy, but overall it was good. We then went
back to the office, we didn't have a whole lot to work on so we were
just sitting around. Then Elder Adamson asked if I could help him, not
really having much I said sure. So for the next few hours I worked on
the budget for the mission for the next fiscal year. Since Elder
Adamson wouldn't be there I was asked to report on it with President.
We then had to leave quickly for a lesson with a less active. At
Shomas house our plan was to just hang out and let him direct the
conversation. He is a male model which is pretty cool, and knows a lot
of famous people, or has worked with them. The conversation went into
marriage, and was really good, then we invited him to pray at the end,
and he did! It was great! When we got him I spent most of my time with
President going over the budget and learning from him. For someone
that isn't really ever done it before it was interesting to work with.
At the end president and I were talking about grilling, which made him
pretty hungry! It was good spending time with him.

Elder Bates and I went on a great run in the morning, then for
breakfast I broke out the Nato, that was delicious. I had it my first
week in Japan and it was awful then, but this time it was different. I
actually enjoyed it, that was weird. Then we had staff meeting, and
President Wada invited us all out to lunch! In fact he said for all
the hard work that we have done this past month he wanted to grill. We
had a great meeting, and we're able to cover much of the material
needed. After we that we worked on a few projects as resident went to
Seiyu and bought the supplies. Then we went upstairs and began
cooking. We made a great stir fry then Elder Blanchard and Elder
Naganuma grilled the steaks and brats! It was a blast. Eating with
President was a lot of fun. After that we had our interviews, I was
first. It was a great interview, we had a great interview. It was
weird having an interview when you see him so often. I enjoyed the
wisdom I was able to observe. Then we went back to work, I spent a
whole working on the budget again and then worked on updating the Mac
new the new OSx which was a trip. But we got it finished. After that
we went to Seiyu to buy washing machine soap, then came back, ate a
small dinner. We then went to Ekaiwa, which is a blast. This week we
decided to have our class debate, making a people who are so
harmonious in their thinking debate, is hilarious! I took some videos
which were hilarious. We then played a game and my friend from India
named Green, and I had a great time at the game.

As an apartment we made it a rule that we would only set one alarm per
group waking up so we wouldn't have a million alarms going off. So we
let Elder Bates set the alarm. Well as you can imagine the alarm
didn't go off for whatever reason. So we woke up late...and I mean
late. So that was pretty upsetting. Not only were we up late but it
affected the rest of the day. Elder Berube created a program that uses
AJAX for a baptismal date PDF that we have, (it allows for live
editing in the website). So I worked on formatting it to work with
other parts of the website. We then planned to go out with Shoma but
he was busy so we asked if we could go tomorrow. So we went out to
ramen, it was pretty good. Then we went back to work on our projects.
By dinner time we weren't really hungry so we just ate something
small, then got ready for sports night. This week was the last week
because they will be doing a lot of work on the gym in the coming

We awoke and went on an exhaustive run, it killed pretty badly. Hip
hip hooray for humidity....not really. After we had studies, then
district meeting, it was really good, the assistants gave a great
training. We then went to shakeys as a district, which was a great
time. Afterwards we came back in and worked on different projects
ranging from iPad fixing procedures to coding more of the website.
Around 7 we got a call from Shoma asking us where we were going to
eat. So we met him at the church and walked around. Right now our
focus is figuring out his needs. He is a tough cookie. We then came
home and returned all the calls we received.

Well. Have a wonderful week!

Love you all!

Elder Dunn

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