Friday, July 17, 2015

In this weeks Episode: Lots of Running, Splits to the Park, and President Wada and Batman in Shibuya.

Howdy my Family and Friends,

This week has been off the spinner busy, so if most days are super
short its because I had no time to write a more fuller entry. But on
the bright side it saves you all some time.

After fixing a few bugs in the morning and getting the sisters ad
fixed, we studied, then cleaned. Then had the wonderful time of not
having to do office work. While cleaning I broke our paper shredder,
turns out that a stack of 30 papers don't shred very well. It could
have been because of false advertising, I don't know. We then went to
Seiyu and bought groceries. That was pretty normal. Seiyu is so close
that we drive the shopping carts home! I am sure that must be a
peculiar sight. We ate then wrote emails and lounged around for a
little bit. Then Elder Moua and I went out to explore Kichijoji. Here
is what we found, KFC, Clothes Shops, don quiote, a giant Uniclo
(seriously an amazing store), Oshimans, ramen shops, McDonalds, French
Bakeries, and a few other shops. Kichijoji has the highest residence
than in any other part of Tokyo, there are people everywhere. We then
came home and had to work on more problems (if you have noticed we fix
a lot), it shot our dendo time though which was a little upsetting.

My companions asked if I would make breakfast in the morning so I made
cinnamon rolls! They were super delicious. The assistants delivered a
few to the Wadas and said it sure surprised him! We then went to the
church had DCS then ran back to email the mission about an acitvity,
then back to church for sacrament meeting, and the rest of church.
After we made lunch and the other two were in a meeting about dendo
with the bishop. So we just hung around and fixed more problems. After
that we had weekly planning, it was effective for the most part. Then
Elder Naganuma and I went out to Dendo! It was so much fun to go out
with him again. We found 2 families to teach, as well as were able to
invite a ton of people to church. In order to meet our nightly curfew
we were hauling it home, and I mean moving. We have the same road bike
so there was no waiting on the other. As this back and forth race was
happening a car began to creep up on us it speed up then cut me off
which caused me to slam on the brakes turning my bike almost
completely sideways! Talk about a guardian angel! With my heart
pounding we made it home in time.

We awoke and Elder Bates and I went on a run! It was awfully humid
outside! We came back soaked in sweat. It was a great run. We then had
our wonderful studies and then for lunch Elder Bates and I got talking
and we wanted Pizza and the other Elders wanted ramen. So we spilt.
Elder Bates, Blanchard and I went to all you can eat Pizza and the
others had Raman. It was delicious. After we went back and worked. We
also were able to get Facebook back, so we hope to use that amazing
tool again. But to be honest, I am not sure if I want to use it again.
We then worked on a bunch of different projects. We grabbed diner then
we went out to de don't for a little bit before coming home to make

We woke up and Elder Moua and I went for a run, it was wonderful. We
then studied then the office exploded with work. After putting the
fires out we went to zone meeting and gave the same Facebook training
we gave at MLC. It was a a good training, then we got called out to go
fix more iPads, talk about being pulled apart. After we finished the
meeting we went on splits. Elder Blanchard and I went to go meet with
a Nepalese man in the park. The park is so beautiful (it is where we
go running in the morning)! We met a man named Mark from England. He
was such a solid man, he was just playing his guitar in the park.
After we gave him a Book of Mormon a man came up to us crying drunk.
Uh hello. He then asked if he could talk to us, sure came the reply
and we had a conversation. He invited himself to improve his life! It
was pretty exciting! We set a return appointment with him and went
back to the Honbu to split back. We then ran to Seiyu to buy some
supplies to make cinnamon rolls, then back to the apartment where I
taught my companion how to make them. We then delivered them to our
less active friend Shoma Kyodai. He is way cool, and a famous model,
he is in one of Taylor Swifts Music Videos, that was pretty neat. We
then biked home to make it on time.

Elder Bates and I went Running again, it was pretty humid so we were
soaked by the time we got home. It was great, we had personal study,
and then Staff Meeting! It was hilarious! President Wada had a lot of
really funny comments. We discussed the broken iPads that we have to
which he pulled out his phone and called Tokyo and asked for the man
in charge and asked him what he wanted him to do. Then he told us that
we were going with him to Shibuya to the Apple Store to fix them that
day. After an eventful staff meeting Elder Bates and I were motioning
back and forth and decided we wanted pizza for lunch, so we convinced
Elder Moua and Elder Blanchard to come too. It was delicious, we then
went back to the Office and worked for a few hours on various
projects. Then we went with President Wada to Shibuya. On our way we
talked to a few people, it was a little strange dendoing with
President Wada, but he had a lot of words of encouragement and how we
can do better. At Shibuya we crossed the giant cross walk, it was so
legit! At the Apple Store President was fascinated with the new Apple
watch, and also had us look at cases. After the store president asked
us if we wanted to go to Taco Bell. It is the only one in Japan
besides the one on base. On our way we saw a man dressed up like
Batman in an American super car, I was looking at how tall all the
buildings were and thinking about structural integrity when president
Wada shouted, "hey batman" followed by some luaghter. To where I
turned and saw him! It was pretty cool in downtown Tokyo! It was so
weird going into an American taco place, it was really delicious too.
Then we split and president went to a lesson with some sisters and we
went back to prepare for Eakaiwa. Well it turns out that they needed
us to fix a bunch of things so we were busy running around the office
and fixing things then came late to Eakaiwa, but it was fun! We talked
about Holidays, you will like this mom. There is a holiday on your
birthday, November 15 called 3-5-7 day which is where they celebrate
when children turn those ages. We also found out that Japan is
creating a holiday for next year called yama no hi "山の日" which is
mountain day. They created it because there is no holiday August. It
was a very informative night!

We awoke and went running in a typhoon! Talk about an adventure! We
were soaked! We then hurried and got dressed and went to an area near
Roppongi, which is out of our mission. Hate traveling in the morning!
So much! We were crammed in a train. It is so cramped, after that we
made it to the Dentist so my companion could have his root canal
looked at. During that time I drafted a email for missionaries in the
mission regarding their personal emails, as well as working with
another missionary fixing his app. Then we left and walked through a
giant Eki in Shinjuku, it is one of the biggest I have ever been in!
After getting home we worked more on different projects and helping
out different missions. Then went to district meeting, then more
projects. Then Elder Murakami and I went to teach a lesson. It was a
great lesson. The man spoke really difficult Japanese. We then had
sports night which was a fun time playing with the youth and people in
the area. After we called President Wada and had a talk about
Facebook. It was an exhaustive night.

We went running again in the morning, this time it was just the
assistants and I. It was a "quick run" or exhaustive. Then president
called us asking for us to work on a draft email for the Facebook
rollout. Which took a while to write. The Assistants took the computer
I use to district meetings because it runs the fastest. So I was stuck
with these uber lame slow computers that someone thought it'd be a
great idea to put Linux on. Well now the computer is as fast as two
fat snails racing. So I spent time trying to figure out how to factory
reset the computer. It is a giant project so we will save that one til
we have a little more time. We then went to sushi for lunch. It was
yummy in my tummy. I'll tell you what even with all this running and
eating I am still losing weight, I guess I just had to wake up my
metabolism. We then came home and Elder Leach and I were on splits. We
were in the office answering a million calls about Facebook. I'll tell
you what, the more calls I get about it the less I want to use it.
Then Elder Murakami and I went to go dendo. We tried to visit a few
potential investigators however they weren't very receptive. We then
came home and had to buy some soap and a sponge because cleanliness is
a virtue. At Seiyu (Walmart) we were singing Christmas songs in this
duet pattern and getting our soap when Sister Wada turned the corner.
We kind of froze, then she laughed. She had been at interviews all day
and was buying some cleaning chemicals to take pictures of them for
other missionaries apartment. The Wadas are visiting everyone's
apartments this transfer for interviews. Today's was Tama, my old
area. Sister Wada said she had a present for me, not remembering what
was in my old area I asked what it was. It was my snowboard! I forgot
about that. She said, I have to dispose of it now. She didn't find it
as funny as president did. We then came home and ate lunch, wrote an
email. Then I cut Elder Leaches hair...zzzzzz.... Then we went to bed!

Well that is what we would call a week!

Big Hearts Everyone!

Elder Dunn

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