Monday, June 1, 2015

A Very Late P-Day, a Million Lessons, and Hiking Mount Takao


This is a long one! Good luck!

We started our day with a good work out to wake up. Then we had our
studies. After we went to Machida so my companion could fill out his
application for BYU. When we got to machida we decided to walk around
the Tokyo Twins while we were there. So we went to a few Sports
stores, and to the Diaso on the top level. Then we went off to go find
lunch somewhere. We decided on Sushi which is the 3rd time in a week!
Then off to the machida church to email. On our way we stopped by the
recycle shop where I bought my katana my first transfer, and I found a
backpack for 15 dollars! Perfect! Backpacks in Japan are ussually
really really expensive. As we continued we found a barber to cut out
hair, we had been looking pretty scraggly, the woman who cut my hair
was deaf, but she was really sweet, and did a good job. Continuing the
journey we made it to the machida church where my companion got on the
computer and began his BYU application. However just as we were about
to start filling it out the application the server went out! So we
were stuck there, which was a little frustrating. We emailed then took
the bus back to the train station with our giant backpacks. We must
have looked like a couple of confused hikers with our backpacks,
shirts and ties on. On the train we were able to talk to a few people,
but then we got a call from John, our friend from China, asking us if
he could bring his friend to the Wada Family Home Evening too. We said
of course! We met the two in Kichijoji, and went to the FHE. We
arrived a little late, so I am sure they were as confused as we were
as to what was going on. After the lesson they asked us about what we
believe and what makes our church different. Excellent question! My
companion and I pulled out our Chinese Book of Mormon and went to the
Wadas kitchen while everyone else socialized in their living room. We
taught the entire restoration. David, johns friend, said that he felt
like a whole in his heart was being filled! It was such an amazing
experience. Sister Wada even bore her testimony about how the gospel
has changed her life! They asked how they could join or make covenants
so we talked about baptism and invited them, and they accepted! It was
awesome! The lesson ended at 9! So we had walked to the train station
and began our journey home. We planned on the train since it was so
late, but we were so busy planning we missed our transfer train and
we're going way far into the other mission. We got off quickly and
headed back. On the next train we saw a drunk man who was sleeping and
drooling all over himself, we felt really bad for him so we woke him
up and gave him a pamphlet,we then hopped of the train but looking
back he looked at us with wonder. It is sad but Japanese trains smell
like alcohol after 9 at night. On the platform we met a man from
napal! We talked a little about the earthquake that was felt there and
talked a little about the gospel too. My companion had the restoration
pamphlet in Nepalese! It is brand new! So we let him see it on his
iPad. He then said he was really interested and asked if we could
email the pamphlet to him. We got off the train, and just as we were
about to get on the escalator to go up a man fell on my companion, he
was drunk, if we weren't there who know what would have happened. We
then walked to 7/11 grabbed some dinner and set the email then walked
home. We got home at 11:30, exhausted and ready for bed.

We woke up at 6:30 because we were not feeling working out early. So
for our work out we did stretches, and crunches. Our studies were
good, we still sound like dying cats when we sing. Our studies ended
early so we could go to sushi with one of our friends! This would be
sushi time number 3 since I have been here. I'll tell you what, there
will never be a sushi merry go round in America, there are way to many
laws. We had a great time getting to know our friend more, he is an
Eaikiwa student and currently studying biomechanics at a local
college, we had a lot to talk about! After lunch we went to the church
and planned for our 4 other lessons! We had a lesson with Inoue who is
great! We planned for a certain lesson however during the beginning we
both had the feeling to teach something entirely different! It was
such a great lesson. That lesson went a little over, and our next
appointment stood us up. So that worked out conveniently, we had some
time for dinner, or combini food. We got cinnamon sugar sembe, and
chicken. It was pretty good. Then our recent convert came for a
lesson, he is a great guy. Then, just before we were about to start
the lesson, the zone leaders came in asking if we could split for
lessons that they had double booked. We also had a lesson after, so
now we are triple booked. We had a quick lesson with ishikawa Kyodai,
and then split, elder Cook and I went together to teach a man they
found on the street. He went to to a different church so we had to go
to the station to find him. We planned to bring him to the church give
a quick church tour and set up a return appointment. However he had a
lot more interest, so we taught an hour long lesson. We were supposed
to only have a 15 minute lesson but it turned into an hour lesson! So
the guy we were supposed to teach after the "quick church tour" was
waiting down stairs. The other elders in the area, came to the church!
We had called and called and called them, but they didn't answer, and
didn't even plan on coming to the church that night, but they went
because Elder Eaton got something in his eye and had to wash it out!
So they met our other friend and were able to teach him, and set up a
return appointment! What an awesome miracle!

After studies, we went out to dendo. We planned to go visit a member
in the ward. However both of us had the feeling that we were missing
something big, and neither of us could put of finger on it. We prayed,
and had the feeling to go back to the church. As we were walking back
an old man called us over and wanted to talk to us. We talked with him
for a little bit then he asked us if we had 300 yen, way confused. We
said yes, but why. The old man wanted some juice, since we aren't
allowed to give others money we went to the vending machine 100 feet
away and bought one. It was a good feeling being able to serve him. In
Japan there are vending machines everywhere, at least one on every
street. We then went to the church and called the hombu about John and
David, since they live in the other mission. And my companion finished
some training that was needed for his iPad. We came home for dinner, I
was exhausted so I slept. Then we went to Eaikiwa! We teach the
intermediate class with the sister missionaries. Elder Coggins'
southern accent definitely sticks out. After Eaikiwa we came home and
planned for the day!

During studies we had to go to the church to drop off Elder Eaton for
district leader training. However on the way we ran into other
missionaries that decided to come to our apartment, so we went back
with them. Elder Coggins and I wanted to eat lamb for lunch really
badly so we went to Indo Curry! It was delicious! Then we went to the
church to do our weekly planning. We finished it remarkably on time.
Then went out to visit a potential investigator living a little bit
away. He wasn't home, so we housed the surrounding area. We found a
man who had read the Mormon Kai, which is the first version of the
Japanese Book of Mormon! It was pretty cool! We talked to him for a
little while, and at the end he tried to give us a plant! But we asked
if we could get it next time. We then ran to the combini to grab some
"dinner" as I was walking out side, a man walked up to me and said
"morumon Kyokai"...uh yes? He then beckoned me outside, so I called my
companion over. He then asked for a Book of Mormon! We tried to set up
a return appointment with him, but he didn't have time. But we knew he
walked to the seven eleven so we waited a little bit to give him a
head start and followed him home. It worked! He lives really close! We
then rode to the church, wrote presidents letters, and waited for the
zone leaders so we cook go on splits. I went on splits with Elder
Cook, we did some contacting, and then went to go visit on of their
investigators. However he wasn't home, so we wrote a note and left.
Then we split back, because the other lesson was over. We weren't
expecting such a short split, so we decided to house a nearby area. We
ran into an old lady who knew missionaries before! We had a great
conversation with her, and were even able to bring up our family
history program! It was a good ending to our day.

We woke up and went on a run, and I'll tell you what, running in the
morning is awful. When I was getting ready in the morning I got out of
the shower to find that our zone leaders came over and were eating our
granola! As missionaries we like our American granola. We then had a
lesson with our Chinese friend, Adam! It involved a lot of pictures
because his Japanese is okay, and his English is okay too. We were
able to get across what we felt like he needed to hear though. After
the lesson we waited for one of the other elders investigators to go
get sushi! However he said he was busy, so we couldn't go with him!
What a bummer, we then decided to go out and eat yakuniku instead. It
was pretty good, they played "modern music" which was really weird to
hear after not listening to it for so long. You really miss music
until you hear it again and question yourself as to why you listened
to it in the first place. After the yakuniku experience we went to
Toyoda! It isn't home of the car company, but it is home to a few
members or so we thought. It started raining so we bought a cheap
umbrella, which broke. We were able to to talk to a few people, and
pray with others however in the rain isn't as effective. We tried to
find a few people's houses, which turned into a giant game of cat and
mouse. That was a fun and busy time. We came back to the apartment to
find that there was nothing to eat. So we went to family mart and
bought mobadofu mix. It was good, we are getting used to bland food
sadly. After dinner we went out to go find a Chinese less active
member for Adam next time. We walked all the way out there, and his
address is different. An old lady opened the door and freaked out and
slammed the door. Well I guess she doesn't live there. So we came home
after a long walk. As we began planning, we got a call from the zone
leaders saying we had scouting Eaikiwa the next day...surprise! Well
that wasn't expected, and my companion would be joining us since
another Elder was busy and couldn't make it. That made for an
interesting surprise.

We woke up worked out, then put normal clothes on and went to Takao!
We met a few of our Eaikiwa students there and hiked the mountain with
them! The hike was steep, but really beautiful, it reminded me a lot
of Tennessee. The photos we took were amazing! You can see most of the
Tokyo area. On our way up the mountain we bought these black straw
hats, they were entirely worth it. On the summit you can see Fugi! It
was so cool! We had to get to the scouts in Eakiwa in two hours. To
hike down the whole mountain it takes 2 hours. However the chairlift
takes 30. You bet your buckets we took the chairlift! The chairlift
was great! We tipped our hats at everyone we passed. Then hopped on
the train home, changed, and got on the train to machida! Eaikiwa was
great! We had a blast with our students. They had a hard time
understanding my companion who has a southern draw sometimes. After
Eaikiwa we went to this hole in the wall katsudon place, it was really
good, halfway through dinner we got a call from the district leader
asking us to come to district meeting that night since it was
rescheduled. So we ended dinner early and went to the church. On the
way there we took the train home and met a drunk old man who really
fired up my poor companion. Poor guy. But we got off and it was okay
in the end. During district meeting the zone leaders had to leave to
for a lesson. One of the Zone leaders, elder Rockwood, was translating
for sister Suzuki. Since they left, they needed a new person to
translate, so I volunteered. My Japanese is nowhere close to his, but
it made translating fun, and gave me something to stay awake. My
companion and I were exhausted from our busy day. While I was
translating, the room began to shake, we were on the third floor of
the church building! It shook for a good few minutes so we left the
building and went downstairs. It was an eventful end to our day!

We got ready for church and went to DCS, there we were able to talk
about our investigators, and ask for help from the ward. Since it was
the firth Sunday we were all combined, it was good because I was able
to get a whole bunch of new words! Sacrament was great was well, we
learned that L. Tom Perry died though, which was kind of sad. After
church we went home, and took a power nap and had a small lunch, then
had our studies. Studies were good, after we went to the church to
contact a ton of people that we have been putting off for a while now.
We contacted all of them and went back to the apartment and ate
dinner. After dinner we rode bikes to go visit the man who we tracked
down. We narrowed it down to an apartment complex, as we were looking
for so we began housing. We found one college student who was really
interested. However as we were teaching him, the man whom we gave the
Book of Mormon to came up to us! He asked for another copy because his
corner was bent. Saying sure we gave him another one. And continues
teaching our college friend. Then he came again! And asked for another
one since it was bent as well! We did a switch-a-roo and sent him on
his way again. We realized that he might have a little bit of a mental
problem, which could have been the cause. We talked with him for a
little bit after the lesson with the college student. Then we went
back to the church, when we got back I found another hole in my pants,
I realized this is from friction on my bike, not tearing them
physically. We then ended our day with a conference call. As I was
asleep that night I felt another good sized earthquake, however it
wasn't too bad so I went back to sleep.


Elder Dunn

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