Monday, May 11, 2015

Temple Trip, Super Splits, and an Amazing Oriental Miracle


What a jammed pack week!

We woke up super early so we could catch the train to Hiro to go to
the temple. On our way there we ran into Elder Crandall and his
companion! It was fun to see him. We then stopped by a 7/11 and
grabbed some breakfast. Japan understands drink selections
phenomenally well. I bought some strawberry milk. We then went to the
temple. The session was all in English! It was so good! I haven't had
a session in English since the MTC! We then came home to see how Elder
Kaesler and Elder Hilton were doing. Elder Hilton had just finished
packing Elder Kaeslers belongings. We needed to fill up the air in his
wheel chair so we took it down stairs and I was saying "isharimasen"
which is said when you go to basically any restaurant or store. Then
our land lord came down stairs and told us that when we say that it
means we need help. However my Japanese companion said that isn't
true. All I know is I won't say it near our complex again. We then
went to the church to email. I was so excited to skype my family I
didn't have a huge desire to write emails for once. That and I needed
to figure out my skype again. We then went to giomes, bought groceries
then hauled them home. Since it was Elder Kaeslers last day we wanted
to go out as a district for lunch however everywhere was packed so we
had to settle with McDonald's. I felt like I was in some sort of funk
so I asked Elder Hilton if we could go dendo together since he had
been stuck inside all day. We streeted Tama center, we were able to
talk to a few people, and even this Chinese guy who asked us to call
him later! We continued on and kept working slowly but surly. Then we
came home and planned for the day. I called our Chinese friend Li and
we were able to set up an appointment for Thursday!

Elder Hilton and I left after saying goodbye to Elder Kaesler pretty
early so we could go to scouts. We had to go to Aihara which is in
Hachijoji's area for scouts. It was at a giant camp, the same one
where youth conference was held! It was beautiful! We taught English
to the students then went outside and played games on the gravel.
Dress shoes and gravel to not mesh very well. When we were playing a
game I slipped and fell and rolled in the gravel a little bit. I tore
up my knee pretty good as well as my arm, but I'm fine. After scouts
we went home and checked on the other elders. Elder Clark had a
headache so had just woken up. I started to suffer some really bad
back pain from my fall, so Elder Sawyer and Elder Clark decided to
help my out by pulling me apart. It didn't work super well at all. So
I tried to loosen it up in a bath and payed down for a little bit.
After we ran to Eaikiwa to set up. Elder Clark and I taught
intermediate, which was fun because we only had men, and they all
needed help correcting things they learned form American movies,
thinking they were normal words used. We played pictionary as a big
group after class, it was a lot of fun. When we got back Elder Sawyer
asked if I would cut his hair. I did, but I kind of messed up a little
when I used a 12mm instead of a 20mm, since I was tired and he was
too, we called it a day and decided to work on it the next morning.

We woke up and went to the other apartment to cut Elder Sawyers hair.
I fixed it thankfully, it looks a lot better. During companionship
study the other elders needed help rearranging their apartment since
they have one less elder in the apartment. Then we went to the train
station to go to machida and pick up Elder Crandall, my old companion,
for super splits! Elder Aoki was supposed to be with Elder Kaesler but
since he went home, Elder Aoki tagged along with us. We went to the
church planned, then housed near our apartment for a few hours, we
found a few people but no one special. We then went to a Korean
restaurant with Yoichiro and the district. It was delicious. Then we
ran from the restaurant to the center square of Tama to meet up with
Li. He was excited to see us! We walked with him to the church and
played ping pong then had a lesson. It was so different teaching in
English, we had him read in Chinese to help him understand. He was so
open to learn more, it was such a neat miracle for the day. I asked
what he was doing Sunday and he said he has weekends off and has
nothing to do so he asked if he could come to church! Of course you
can! After the lesson we went back to the apartment planned, and Elder
Crandall and I caught back up.

Elder Crandall and I woke up early and went running. We ended up doing
radio taiso, it was a blast. We then came home studied, then went back
to Machida and drop him back off. We then came home and did some
contacting. We found out that Ida is quitting his job so he can come
to church! I made a cake for district meeting, then we went to indo
curry as a district. It was delicious! Then off to the church to do
weekly planning. We put all of our investigators on the board, it was
so cool to see all the work that has been happening recently in our
companionship. When we finished for the night we left the church and
were walking down the street to the apartment when we saw a guy
smoking. I had an itch to talk to him, so we did, he is an awesome
guy. He loves music, so we talked about that for a little bit. Then
his friend pulls up in his tricked out car and starts talking to us
too! My companion wasn't the least bit timid, which is great because
these guys were big and a little scary. We were able to invite them to
church, and crazily enough they wanted to learn more!

During companionship study, we had a glass repair man come to our
apartment to fix our door. After we went to the church to weekly plan
a little more because of all the breaking up of it we have had. After
we then had Li come and play ping pong with us and the Elders in the
district. It was a blast, we then had a lesson after with a member it
was al in English again. He is so excited to learn more. We asked if
he had read any of the Book of Mormon and he had read past where we
asked him to read. Then told us that it is true! Whoa! Big steps! The
lesson was amazing, when we talked about having eternal families he
asked how can I have that. So we talked about what needs to happen. We
then ran back to the apartment ate then went to a recent converts
house as a district to sing and deliver a picture that we took as a
district. She then invited us all over for KFC later the next week!
Yum! Elder Hilton and Elder Aoki and I went housing in the nearby
area. We didn't have much success but Elder Aoki talked to a women for
30 minutes through the Intercom about the Roman Empire, Elder Hilton
and I were very confused. We then ran to the apartment to take a
Mother's Day picture for sister Wada! Then home, where I cut Elder
Clarks hair, thankfully I didn't mess up.

We awoke early and I made pancakes for my companion, they were
delicious. Then we went to Fujinos apartment to pic him up. Then we
had DCS, it was a really good meeting. Then Yoichiro came! It was his
first time ever coming to church. Then Li came! We had 4 people from
our efforts at church! Talk about a busy time! After Church Elder
Hilton and I taught Li. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We
were able to set a baptismal date for May 23! He is really excited. We
talked about the word of wisdom as well and he committed to it right
there saying if it was from God then it must be true! Wow! During our
lesson Elder Aoki, Elder Clark and the bishop were having another
lesson! Both went great! We then went home, ate lunch. Then went to
the church to go with Li to the Takamuras for dinner! It was
delicious! We talked and played with all the kids then Sister Dansie
one of the sisters going home next week after finishing her mission,
bore her testimony. It was a great testimony. Then Takamura Kyodai
drove us home. It was a quick end to the day. We decided to have spend
the night in the other apartment because ours is kind of lonely...and
there are only 3 elders there.

I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Dunn

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