Monday, April 13, 2015

A Japanese Zoo, Elder Blue Tree, and General Conference!

こんばんは 皆さん!

This week my weekly email disappeared on my iPad so this one will
probably jot be as long!

We woke up had studies and then went to a yakuniku place to eat. The
elders in the district were not hungry in the slightest for yakuniku
since the mortifying experience of a week ago. We then went to
7-eleven to check our transfer calls! Elder Naganuma is leaving to the
Hombu! He is going to be the recorder and I will be receiving my
second nehongen companion elder Aoki (ow-key) or in English Elder Blue
Tree, talk about a cool Indian name! We then went to the zoo! It was 6
dollars! Talk about reasonable! We walked around and took a bunch of
pictures I hope you are able to enjoy them! The animals in the zoo are
more or less giant pets. I am certain they don't know what the wold is
like, it is sad but true. We then came home went grocery shopping and
then went to Fujinos for a lesson! It was awesome! We talked about the
Priesthood and Talked about doctrine and covenants 20! He is really
excited. We then came home and planned.

We woke up did studies then since it was pouring and elder Naganuma
was leaving he packed then we went to Diaso and printed out pictures
that he could give to ward members. He then wrote on cards all day,
while I attempted to read the kanji of every potential investigator he
has ever found. Talk about a long and loathsome day! After we went
back and printed out more and the we went to the dendo shunnins house
(Ward mission leader). He has a huge house, we had tacos and chicken,
it was delicious! I asked him what his job is, he is the ceo of
Stephen R. Coveys company in Japan. You may be familiar with his book,
7 habits of highly effective people. Well it is a best seller in Japan
and he was the man who translated it into Japanese! He told us stories
of his mission in Kobe. We had an awesome lesson at the end it was
super spiritual then we biked home in the rain. Elder Shimizu ran into
elder Hilton, his companion, on the way home, which caused him to run
into Elder Clark and shread his bike wire. Needless to say some people
weren't very happy. It was a rainy end to the day.

We awoke and had normal studies. During language study I wasn't
feeling well at all so I laid down to take a nap and asked for my
companion to wake me up when the baggage company came. He forgot so I
slept until 4! I was thankful but at the same time a little worried. I
was feeling a lot better so we went out housing, no one and I mean no
one was home. Then again it was pouring rain. We then went home and we
ate a little dinner and went to Eaikiwa! There were two new students
and one of them asked if he could come to church on Sunday! Uh yes, of
course! I was put in charge of the game, it was so much fun! It is
hard to explain but it is kind of like charades with teams. We then
came home.

We awoke and went to the other apartment and hung out until my
companion needed to leave. He was a little late for the train, but no
one was picking him up so it was okay. We then went back, ate lunch
then sent Elder Shimizu to Machida 2 with Elder Crandall my old
companion! I was on splits with Elder Hilton as we waited for our new
companions. We went to D2 so he could buy some soap and he ended up
buying a few liters of water instead. Gotta love Japanese deals on
drinks. We then went to the Eki and waited, elder Kaesler who is elder
Hiltons new companion, is from Aulstrailia, he came about 30 minutes
late, most missionaries are late because of carrying bikes and things.
Then we waited, and waited, and waited! Elder Aoki finally came
through the gates an hour and a half after the time he was supposed to
arrive. I can imagine why too, the poor small frame of him is only
5'5" at the very most and weighs 110 soaking wet! He had to carry a
giant bag and his bike, not to mention he probably wasn't able to move
very well in his steki 3 piece suit! I grabbed the bike and we headed
back to the apartment to begin planning. He is very fluent in English
and loves English slang, it is pretty funny. We speak in a mixture of
Japanese and English, mostly me in Japanese and him in English. It was
a great planning session! We called one of our investigators who was
able to meet us for dinner with the district and set up a lesson for
the next day with one I have never met! Talk about an eventful day!
After our long day my new companion fell asleep and I made cinnamon

We had personal study then went and had District meeting with Cinnamon
rolls, now it is a rule I have to bake for district meeting. We then
went to Indo curry as a district, I had the lamb! It was delicious! I
love Indo curry so much. We then ran to the station to catch a train
to meet Ida San in Minamiosawa at the McDonald's. It was a great
lesson to get to know him, he is so interested in our message it kind
of surprised me. We were able to teach the restoration to him and set
up another appointment. We then took the train to Fujinos for a
lesson, he is a great old man, and was so excited about general
conference and seeing Elder Aoki. We the. Walked home, in the rain. We
were soaked by the time we got home! After dinner we went to go visit
a potential investigator however he wasn't home so we housed the
general area. I ussualy tell people "kuotsu kete kudasai" or be
careful in English. My companion said that that is not good because it
can scare people. Huh you learn something new everyday, instead he
said to say "ganbate kurasai" or work hard. I tried it on the next
house. The women told me that she was going somewhere so she couldn't
hear our message, I didn't under stand where she was going so I just
said, ganbate kurasai", after she hangs up the intercom my companion
bursts out luaghing. I had just told the women to work hard, she was
going to the bathroom. Well I won't make that mistake again! After
planning the district leader cut my was a free

We awoke and went to machida! We ate at McDonald's before. I had a
Shaka Shaka chicken they are delicious and sadly some of the best
chicken I have had in Japan. We then went to conference. I watched it
in English and my companion went with other Japanese missionaries and
watched it in Japanese. It was such a great session! I loved how much
it centered around the importance of families! It is so so so true. It
made me think of what father I want to become someday. We then had an
hour break and watched the next session. I talked to other elders
around the area. The next session was equally awesome. We then had
dinner at, you guessed it. McDonald's (it is close to the stake
center). We then came back for priesthood. I love listening to the
prophet it is wonderful! We then came home and that was our day.

We awoke and walked to Fujino Kyodai's house to pick him up for
conference. We went to the church and the bishop drove us, that was
nice of him. I watched the morning session in Japanese. Well watched
toyu I read along in English on my iPad. After the session Fujino went
to go to the bathroom or so we thought. I guess after leaving he
walked home thinking it was over...oh well. The second session I
watched on English. It was a great session! I loved Elder Anderson's
talk on Religious Freedom! It is so true in the world today! After
conference we came home and ate then we went to go have a lesson only
the person we were going to teach was sick so we went housing instead.
It was a fun end to our day. I am enjoying being able to be
understood. It is a good feeling.

Well that was my crazy week!


Elder Dunn

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