Sunday, March 29, 2015

Youth Conference, A Baptism, and a Referral to Remember



We woke up early and got ready to go to the temple. We made some
crepes for breakfast, yum! Then we ran to the temple, it was really
good. I love the peace that can be felt in the temple. We then split
back and went to the book store underneath the temple and bought a
hymn book for Fujino. After we rushed back to the apartment and went
to the grocery store to buy this weeks groceries, then off to email.
After emailing we went to the Kyomen family's house for dinner as a
district. This is Aruma's family! It was so much fun! It felt like I
was at home playing with my brothers, it was a really fun night. Aruma
reminds me a lot of the boys he has so much energy it is crazy! After
dinner brother Kyomen took us home. It was a way quick day!

For studies we went to the church to finish backing up our iPads. It
took a while but we got it all figured out. Then we ran home and ate
Taco rice for lunch...Japanese people don't like the shell. Then we
went took a train for Shonanda to exchange iPads. On the train down I
talked to 5 people on he train, I am using it to stretch my Japanese.
It is working quite well! When we got off the train I ran into two
boys from shira Lanka! They were way nice, it was fun to talk to them
too. We then got lost going to the church because we had no idea where
we were going. We finally arrived and had a meeting about the new
iPads. Nothing exciting really, I did get to see some friends so that
made the journey there a lot of fun. We got out new iPads, they are
the 32 gigabyte iPad mini 2s they are nice, not really a whole lot
different. The cases are sleeker though. The reason we don't have
Facebook is because they are real easing everything slowly to the new
missions using Facebook instead of all at once. It is a good idea. We
then journeyed home, I talked to one man on the train for 30 minutes
straight, he used some tough words, but it was fun to stretch myself.
We had a really good conversation. After coming home we made some
dinner then went to the church to set up our new iPads. I ended up
setting up both the nehongens since they were clueless because the
directions were in English. Since I don't teach in eaikiwa I worked on
that, switching between three devices, they finally are all set up
though. In English class we played a fun game, it is called "do you
love your neighbor?" We then watched the youths performance for youth
conference tomorrow. Altogether a busy day, but enjoyable.

For studies we planned out youth conference. It took forever, mostly
because we tried to bounce ideas off of one another, we created a game
plan and headed off to Takao! We took the monorail, it was awesome.
Granted it is nothing like Disney World but it is still fun to ride.
We met the other areas zone leaders at the station and waited for
everyone else to show up. We then rode with members up into the
mountains of Takao! It was so cool! It reminded me a lot of Tennessee
and Kentucky. In Japan youth conference is in spring and not summer,
talk about better weather. The place where it was being held was like
most rentable youth camps, we used a big gym like room on the third
floor of this building, it had a cabinish feel to it. We then gave
jikoshokies (self introductions) I used some of the old pictures of
myself. We then split into 4 groups. Our companionship was in charge
of talking about the MTC and missionary life. It was a lot of fun,
minus sitting saza (kneeling very flat) it made my feet go numb. They
were all really interested in the MTC and life as a missionary. We did
a little Book of Mormon mogi with everyone too. It was a lot of fun. I
was surprised at how much I was able to relate to everyone. My
Japanese is in no way perfect, but in six months it sure has improved.
After the group break outs and rotating. We got together as the 6
missionaries that were invited and sang. It was really good for never
practicing! We took a picture as a huge group and then the leaders
made dinner for the missionaries! It was way nice! After we got into
cars and were taken back to the station. When we arrived home, we went
to pick up our bikes that we had left since Tuesday night, when I went
to get on my bike I ripped a giant hole in my suit pants! Talk about a
damper on your day...I couldn't think of any good jokes to rip, so we
went home so I could change and we could prepare for our lesson with
Fujino. After repairing for that we went to his apartment and talked
about service, missionary work, and learning. He remembered how to
pray! In fact he is starting to remember everything!! It is so
amazing! We then came home and planned for the day. I made
brownies...sadly they aren't the same in a rice cooker as they are in
an oven. My companion made us yakusoba.

Our studies were cut short by district meeting. We went to the church
and had a great district meeting. There was a lot of excitement in the
air for the baptism tomorrow. After we went out for lunch as a
district to yakuniku tabehodai! It was much better than the one we
went to on Monday. My companion was in charge of ordering, at this
restaurant it is done on an iPad. He ordered a ton of food! It was all
you can eat or rather all you can order in an hour. So much that we
had to strain ourselves to eat it all. We all were in pain after from
the meat coma! Then my companion and I came home and changed so we
could clean the font at the church. That was fun, it didn't take too
long at all. We then drew a picture for the sisters in the district
who are sick. After we came home and did weekly planning and worked on
planning for the baptism more. We slept during dinner time because we
were exhausted from all the meat still. We then finished planning and
went to the church to talk to the bishop about tomorrow and get some
of the logistics worked out more. The ward has done most of the
planning for us. We then went to Fujinos apartment and taught him a
short lesson, he is so excited for tomorrow! After we came home, when
we got home our phone received an email from church headquarters with
a referral! Talk about a good ending to the day!

After studies, we met the sisters by the monorail to show them where a
referral lives. It turns out that their parents were home and she was
at work. We then went to Fujinos apartment and talked to him. We found
a lot about his life it was way cool! He brought out his photo albums.
He was on some of the first computing research teams in Japan. In fact
his team invented the particle accelerator meter! Pretty cool stuff.
He loves swimming too, we talked about that for a while. Then my
companion and I went to Diaso to buy wrapping paper. Then we came home
and wrapped the presents and then we went to the church. To start
filling the font. Since the other elders were there weekly planning we
were able to leave and go dendo. We talked to a few people but no one
was interested. We then ran home, ate some dinner and biked to Fujinos
apartment to pick him up. We rang the door bell, and nothing we rang it again, and again, and again. He wasn't home!
We prayed then we had the feeling to walk toward the elevator. As soon
as we crossed the corner there he was coming back from his walk! We
brought him to the church and my companion and Fujino changed. We then
sat and talked for a little bit, they were really nervous. We then had
the baptism, it was great! My companion baptized, and the district
leader and myself were the witnesses. So spiritual so cool! After the
baptism in Japan they make a giant line and shake hands and give
presents. There was a huge turn out from the ward. There was a little
girl that gave a present to him and he hugged her, it was pretty funny
because she sure wasn't expecting it. Our ward mission leader said he
took the longest out of anyone else, he had a full blown conversation
with everyone. After a member took him home, but didn't have room for
us in their car. Our bikes were at his apartment and we needed them!
So we ran to his apartment and got their dripping in sweat and
actually beat the car there oddly enough, so we helped him take
everything inside and then we sprinted home. We got home way late,
like 9:45. We called sister Wada because the washing machine in the
other apartment broke. She then asked us why we were using there's and
not ours. We explained our situation of not having one and she said
that will be fixed very soon. She also told me she bought a oven for
the apartment! wahoo! I can bake again!

Talk about a busy day! We started by dashing to Fujinos apartment to
help remind him that church was in an hour. We then went off to the
church for the regular meeting with our bishop and ward mission
leader, it was awesome how involved they are, and the meeting is
mostly in English which helps us all out. After the meeting we looked
around for Fujino, but he wasn't there. So we got on the bikes to go
find him after saying a quick prayer. And wouldn't ya know it, he was
right down the street! We then walked to the church and sat down, then
we got a call from another investigator saying he was on his way! So
we ended up running all over the church getting things in place.
During sacrement meeting we confirmed Fujino! It was an awesome
experience to take part in. After the usual church meetings we were in
the hallway and I was talking to one of the members of the stake
presidency, he is one of the translators for general conference! He
was telling me the logistics behind how it all works, they actually
stay in Japan, and are doing it live! It was pretty fascinating to
hear how they complete the task. We then came home and ate lunch. My
companion was starved so he made a ton of food. During church I had
this really itching impression to go to a referrals apartment that we
received from church headquarters the other day. On Google maps I
accidentally pushed the walking person instead of the car so the map
took us through a bunch of different parks it was pretty funny. I
don't know what missionaries did before Google maps, it is such a
blessing. We got to the apartment complex nearby an hour and a half
from our starting point. We took some cool pictures. My companion had
never been to that part and he has lived here 7 months! When we got to
the apartment complex we did some searching and found the address. We
climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. The mother opened it and
looked surprised to see us. She then explained that her daughter knows
us. She them called her daughter who came running up the stairs. We
then stood in their Genkaun for about 10 minutes showing pictures and
talking to the family. Then the Father came home! He invited us in and
we taught the whole restoration! It was nuts! That has never happened
before. They were so excited about us coming they asked if we would
come back! It totally threw us off guard. We decided after the lesson
that we will let the sister missionaries teach the women and we will
teach the husband. He is a big swimmer too! I have no idea why and how
I am finding all these swimmers. Then again it is an island nation. I
then called the sisters to tell them, they started screaming through
the phone! Itai (ouch)! They said they had met the daughter and she
was Machida 2s investigator. So when we got home, on time thankfully,
I called them. They said that the daughter had emailed them saying she
couldn't believe we came! Talk about an awesome day!


Elder Nathan Dunn

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