Monday, March 23, 2015

A Cut Tie, Baptismal Planning, and Splits

Konichiwa Mina-San,

This week has been awesome, crazy and quick! 

We woke up and studied our brains out then went to the other apartment to sing for companionship study, it was great. We then decided to go to sushi as a district! It was a lot of fun!  I ate 20 plates of sushi! New record! My district leader and I ate the same amount. There was some pretty good sushi there. Yum! We then went to the church to email, that was fun to write home. We ended up staying there for 3 hours...I guess writing letters in Japanese is a lot harder. We then went to Treasure Factory and I bought insoles for my shoes! They were made in America and all in English, talk about a little Tender Mercy for the day!  We then went to Giomes. I think I have hooked my companion on bacon. He asked if it was okay to buy some this week. We then came home cleaned and ate dinner. After we had a lesson with Fujino, it was raining so of course we took our bikes! It was a good ride and a great lesson. We talked about the Atonement and how we can apply it in our lives more. That man is my hero, he has changed his life so much in just a short time! When we got home we exchanged companions. The district leader came into my area. He told me as we finished praying to open planning. He asked me, "Alright, what are we doing tomorrow?" Uhhhh....go to the zoo? I had never planned! It took me an hour and a ton of praying but I thought i had come up with a pretty good plan. It was very encouraging. It was nice to speak in English for a little bit. 

We woke up and got ready, it took a little longer we had to run back and forth to the other apartment two doors down to get things. Studies was great. I prepared for two lessons! Whoa! Talk about feeling inadequate! After lunch, we got a call that Junko wanted us to meet with her husband Mashiko at 1, before he fell asleep because he works as a taxi driver. Sadly when we arrived he had fallen asleep so we didn't end up having the lesson. But Junko gave us a referral! Sadly the person wasn't home. We then left the apartment and I had the feeling we should pray, so we did. Then we walked to a park and talked to a family, they were very nice but had no interest. We then went to a less active and they didn't answer the door, but I knew it was leading up to something great, as we were walking on a street. We turned a corner and a man yelled in English, "mormon boys!". He was grinning ear to ear wanting to talk to us. He has met missionaries a long time ago, and has lived in Ohio and went to The Ohio State University! He also informed me he has done an Ohio riverboat cruise! He wanted to speak English to us, it was fun. He then then took us to a coffee shop and bought us juice! It was way kind! He said he has been wanting to talk to us for a while! He ended up giving us literally everything about him which is crazy, but he definitely wants to be in contact. We then came to the church and I got an email informing me that Brother Wuldroff from my home ward died the day before. That is way sad, it's true, the good always die young. I was a little in shock so the district leader said we needed to eat to take my mind off things. So we went to the apartment and ate dinner. I made omelets! Yum! We then went to Fujino's apartment and taught him a lesson! It was terrific! I loved teaching him! He told us he can't believe that he ever didn't believe in a god! Wow! What a powerful statement! We then went to the church to try and find a website for Fujino. We the had splits review which lasted almost an hour. It was really really good. My district leader gave me a lot of great advice and compliments. It was a great split, I was thankful for everything I was able to accomplish with him. 

We woke up at five to get ready for the conference! Talk about early! It's funny because that is the time I was getting up year ago and I was going to bed later. Weird thinking a year back I was at home and in high school. Things sure have changed! We were out the door by six and on our way to Kichijoji for a big two mission conference! It was awesome! Elder Nelson and Elder Evans were there among the area seventy. We thought it was going to be a normal conference we were wrong. Elder Nelson spoke first, he gave some awesome insight in how to use our mobile devices more effectively, and why we have them. When Elder Evans spoke he talked about this is the time to train ourselves to have "personal firewalls" on our devices, it was really really good guidance. This past year my mission has been a test mission for iPads. We now will be getting new iPads next week and new rules and regulations. They are calling phase 2, we are still a test group though. They compared the iPads to bicycles and cars saying that the same risk is involved in mobile devices. There was a member of the church missionary department that gave a training about how we are using them and how we can better use them. It is exciting with the new apps we are getting for the work. We shook hands before the meeting began, elder Nelson closed the meeting with more great counsel and guidance. We then came home ate lunch and biked to fujino's for a lesson. We had another great lesson. He is so ready! We then went to the church for eaikiwa, it was fun. I enjoy helping people with their English. After we had a lesson with kondou and the bishop, he is a great man and reminds me a lot of the bishop back at home, I am working closer to the bishop in this Ward than the previous Ward, it is way cool. The work is hastening in Tama! 

We had district meeting nice and early, it was good to talk as a district about help we can offer the other missionaries in the district as well as them giving us help as well. We then came home and ate lunch and rode to Fujino's for a lesson. It went so well! He is so prepared. We then went to the church and had weekly planning, it was longer than usual because we had to start preparations for the baptism. We then came home and made dinner. For the prayer I had elder Naganuma pray in English! He is getting better and better everyday. We then went to our lesson with Yochiro. He is rocker who lived in Louisiana for a little bit. His English is okay, but I try and speak Japanese to him. We walked to a really cool park in the middle of the city and talked about nature and God. It was a good lesson, we need to build a stronger relationship with him before he starts progressing. We then bought crepes and went to the church. When we got to the church we got a call. I answered and had no idea what the person on the other end was saying so I handed the phone to my companion. The person on the other end wanted to meet with the sister missionaries after receiving a English class flyer! Talk about a miracle! We then called the sisters who called her back and now she has a lesson for the Saturday. That never happens here, but then again never say never when it comes to missionary work. When we got home our phone was off the hook again scheduling appointments and calls from President Wada and the Assistants. 

After personal study we got on the trains and went to Hachioji for zone conference. As we walked through the station we found the zone leaders for the neighboring zone. They asked if we could go on splits so my companion could help them translate their training into Japanese. And I waited with Elder Hansen at the Train Station for Elder and Sister Graham who are the Asia north area health advisor. When we picked them up we started talking and they told me that I should move to Hawaii after my mission because of all the Japanese speakers! I hadn't thought of that before. He also asked if I would help out with his training. He said he was going to cut off my tie! I was hesitant then he pulled another one out of his bag and handed it to me. I changed and sat down. When my part in the conference came I said my prefer scribed line and then he had me come up again then cut off my tie. A girl in the zone cried, it was hard not to burst out laughing. He then had me go sit down and started to question people's emotions. He then called me back up and pull out my tie from my pocket. He then related the emotions we were just feeling to how we manage our stress. It was an interesting visual aid. I really liked how he pulled psychology from the scriptures, where prophets are faced with stress and adversity then turn to the lord. Way cool lesson. After we returned to our area to find that a big carnival was going on with these cool trampolines. We got a snack at McDonald's then returned to the apartment for lunch. After lunch we went to the church to try and figure out baptismal forms...ugh they are hard work! My companion has only been out 3 months longer than I have, so we are both a little lost. But we have an idea of how to go about things. We then went housing and found two referrals for the sister missionaries. Sadly no one for us. Then we went to Fujino's and picked him up for his baptismal interview! One of the Zone leaders did it for us, it was great he passed so that means we are having a baptism next week! After we stopped by 7/11 for a snack I got cheesecake flavored kit-kats.

After we had studies we went to wakabadai, which is in the southern most part of the area. We got a lot of contacts but sadly no investigators. It took up most of our afternoon. We then came back to Tama center where there were a ton of people! I couldn't believe it! There was the carnival that was yesterday only it was packed today filled with marching bands and games. We then went to the church to get the baptisimal forms from the bishop. Then to dinner. After dinner we biked to fujino's apartment and helped him fill out the paperwork. I had a really bad headache before so I took some medicine before, but it made me super drowsy which is really abnormal. So I kept dosing off, I felt really bad, but I couldn't read the japanese. After filling it out we shared a message about the prophet and the method of prayer. He is getting the hang of things, he is really excited for baptism. We then went to go contact a referral but he wasn't home somwe housed more. No cool stories really came out of it, just that we talked to a few people. My companion is really funny when it comes to people who say, "Keko desu" which means I'm good. He will be like oh, so you know who we are right? Or he will just keep talking it is pretty funny. It is cool how much I am starting to pick up on. 

After picking up Fujino early for church we walked this week to church, that is a great improvement from last week when we ran to the church. Church was really good this week. My companion spoke in sacrament meeting. During church Aruma found Fujino and I and sat by us so he could show me his new book. We then worked on planning for the baptism on Saturday. We changed it so more members can go. We are way excited about it. We planned things out with the bishop so everything will run smoothly. We then had choir practice, we are singing for a nursing home sometime soon. After that we went to the apartment to grab some lunch then off to Kichijoji for a doseki with president Wada and one of our investigators. It went really well, we got some great counsel from President as well. We then returned home are dinner, had our zone conference call and prepared for splits tomorrow. 

We woke up then trained to Machida. We then met up with our companions for the day. Mine companion is Elder Poffenburger, who is in Machida! My old area! It was way cool! We decided to    The apartment to plan, it was a trip down memory lane, so cool! After planning we decided to go on a journey so we skipped lunch and decided to get it on the way. We walked to minami machida then took a left on a road and followed it forever because we felt we needed to. We stopped at a combine (Kom-bean-e) for a pit stop and met a man from Kenya! He was so interested in our message it threw me off for a second. We were able to give him an English Book of Mormon and set up a time to come back. We then decided to continue our journey...which took us to Yamato...yamato is in the other stake. We had no Idea that we had walked that far, so we took the train back. We then walked to a yakuniku place for dinner. It was delicious, they bring out a giant plate or raw meat and a grill, you eat as much as you want for an hour! Great for hungry missionaries. We decided after dinner since we were having so much fun to continue the journey, so we walked more then went home. We ended up walking 45 kilometers, which is like 35 miles! It was long! Since we didn't have planning we, made cinnamon rolls and talked. It was fun being in my old apartment for the day. 

Well that has been my week! This next week is even more busy! 

Love you all!

Elder Dunn

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