Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kamakura, Sickness, and an Apostle.


月曜日 Monday
P-Day! After studies we did our shopping for the week. We then went to
Kamakura for the day with Elder Stevens and Elder Johnson. On our way
there I saw Mt. Fugi (Fugi-San in Japanese). When we arrived we walked
to the big Buddha or in Japanese the Diabutsu. It is one of the most
famous Buddhist artifacts in the world. It is a giant Buddha that you
can go inside. It is more of a tourist attraction now instead of a
religious site. It was amazing to see so many "white people" and kind
of weird too. After we went to the gift shops in the area, I bought a
ninja star! As we continued down the street we found a place that
sells Turkish ice cream! The man spoke fluent English! He is from
Turkey, and Muslim. He was very kind to us and even pulled out all the
pamphlets missionaries have given him in the past! He hands out our
pamphlets to people who ask about the mormon missionaries! How cool is
that? We got a picture with him and continued on our journey to the
ocean! It was amazing to see the ocean in the sunlight. It was
absolutely beautiful and surreal. There is something about the ocean
that makes you feel so small. We then walked to one of the biggest
Shinto Temples in all of Japan. It was absolutely beautiful! The rich
reds and yellows truly have an oriental feel. It felt like Kung Fu
Panda with the giant steps leading to the temple. After the temple we
took the train home and ate dinner and typed out emails at the Indian
Restuarant in our area and talked with the workers.

I wore out my leg with all the walking on Monday so I had to rest it.
Sister Wada called and told me I needed to keep off of it more. After
our studies my companion and I, deep cleaned the apartment and
redecorated. Thankfully it took up most of our day. That night we went
to Tsurukawa to meet Gopal the Nepelese friend I found. It was a great
meeting, he was receptive and asked to learn more. He taught us some
Nepelese and showed us how he writes his name! It was awesome! After
we went home and kubaried a little bit. It was nice to be out of the
house. I found a man who was Catholic and had interest in our message.

Rainy days. Since I am not allowed to walk I was apartment confined
with Elder Kennedy. My companion went on splits with the other
missionary in the apartment, Elder Bennion. elder Kennedy and I made
cinnamon rolls, and role played (in Japanese it is mogi), we wrote
Facebook posts, and tried to stay busy but ended up throwing the ninja
star at an old box. That night we went to Eaikiwa and taught! It was
awesome, the advanced class was enjoyable for us. They love learning
phrases so we taught them all kinds of phrases teenagers use. It is
pretty funny hearing 60+ year old men sounding like 16 year olds in
English with a Japanese accent. On our way home Elder Kennedy told me
that my Japanese has improved a ton since me first arriving it was
good to hear from someone I see everyday that I am improving.

Our morning began with Interviews with the mission President! It was
awesome, I loved the advice I got from president. Sister Wada was very
interested in all the baking I am doing and asked if I would put the
recipes on the portal. She also asked about my ankle. And recommended
me going to the doctor again because of it not getting better. It's
actually getting slightly worse. When we got home we went to
shinyurigoka to meet up with our friend Koichi and ate lunch with him
it was a good time of building a relationship with him. After we had a
prompting to Kubari, so we decided because of my ankle only to do it
for 20 minutes. In that short amount of time I talked to a man who had
been to Ohio before! He came right up to me and began talking to me!
It was amazing! We then went back home a did our weekly planning for
the week. It was a good time of discussing the growth our area has
seen. Right after it ended our zone leaders called us and said that
the man who I met today emailed them and retold the experience of
meeting me and said that he wants to learn more about English and
Christianity! Talk about an amazing miracle! It made my day a million
times better. I then called Dr. Hansen the area doctor for
missionaries about my foot. He talked about possible causes but sent
me to the doctor for further tests.

Sister Wada called us in the morning asking us to go to the doctor in
Machida. She even arranged for a member of our ward to pick us up! It
was so kind of her. We called her a lot to understand what was going
on. They did another x-Ray, and told me that I can't walk for 2 whole
weeks! It is going to drive me crazy! They think I have possible nerve
damage in my foot from the swelling, but if I stay off of it it should
be okay. After the hospital we came home and watched the District and
I shinned everyone's shoes. We also made some banana bread. Later we
went to sports night and I just sat in my wheelchair because I have to
sit. I hate to say it but these emails are going to start to get very

We did our normal studies then we wheeled (I was taken in the wheel
chair) to the church for district meeting. It was Elder Fukuchi's last
one of his mission. The sisters and another set of elders didn't show
up! They were both too busy. It was a really quick meeting. After my
companion and I wheeled on over to the supermarket to buy some
supplies for our pancake party. On our way there we saw an old man who
was in his 80s sitting the floor of his house smoking. We talked to
him and he thought my companion was my son, and that I was 80 years
old. He also commented on me being very healthy for my age. It was
pretty funny. Japanese supermarkets are not very wheel chair friendly.
We took a picture on the parking lot of me in the wheel chair in the
handicap parking, it helped lighten our day. After we came home we
baked bread for the neighbors and I slept, it helps me force myself to
stay off my ankle. After we ate dinner we delivered the bread and took
a short walk outside.

I woke up and my ankle hurt so bad I could hardly move so I had to
stay home. Elder Kennedy stayed home with me and I slept and worked on
getting myself better. After the other two came home from church we
ate lunch. Then we went to the church for our pancake party! It was
great to get out of the house and help out the ward! I loved the time
spent. After we went home and planned for the next day.

We woke up super early for a special conference in the Tokyo Mission!
We had to wake up at 4:30 to get ready then be on a train by 6! It was
a hectic morning. We then commuted to Nakanko where he mission home is
of the Tokyo mission. I saw Eric Stevens at the conference! It was
weird seeing someone I knew before my mission in Japan! All of my
friends from the MTC were there too! It was neat to catch up with
everyone. Elder M. Russell Ballard of the quorum of the twelve
apostles spoke, along with President Raspban of the Seventy and Bishop
Stevenson of the Presiding Bishopric! It was awesome to hear from
these inspired men. They gave great counsel on bettering our teaching
methods for the Japanese people. I look forward to applying them. I
have noticed that all the apostles that I have met are very bold, they
have no problem telling things how it is. At the end of the meeting we
all got to shake their hands it was a neat experience. We then
commuted home and we stopped by the 7 eleven to load emails and see if
our transfer email had come. They had! I will be leaving Machida on
Thrusday and transferring to Tama, I believe it is the neighboring
area. My new companion will be Elder Nagano, he is Japanese! I have
really enjoyed my time with Elder Crandall, he has taught me a lot.
This next transfer will be hard in some language aspects but I am
excited to begin this new chapter of my mission.

I hope all is well back at home!


Elder Dunn

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