Monday, February 16, 2015

Cool Cars, Nice foreigners, and Prepared Nepalese People.



I know many of you saw the picture of me in the wheelchair. Don't worry I am fine. I can walk. 

月曜日 Monday
We woke up and began our day with a big run, it started snowing when we ran! When we got back to the apartment we had cow tongue and eggs for breakfast! A member gave it to us at church and told us to take it. It was a bit chewy but okay. After studies we emailed home and then did our grocery shopping. I am learning more and more the ways of shopping for food. We sure do like lots of food for not a whole lot of money. After dropping the groceries at the apartment, we took the train to minami machida to go to the outlet mall there! It was pretty cool. It had a big American feel to it. It was fun doing some window shopping and relax for a little bit. After we went to this amazing car shop there. We walked right in and looked at all the Ferraris, lamborghinis, porches, and old Mercedes. It was a cool time looking around the restoration shop. We then went to the shop next door which sells super nice brand new cars of the same companies. It was pretty cool! When we were on the platform on the way home we met an Australian who was quite sour with us. He was quite surprised when we didn't even try to argue back, instead we told him we hope he has an enjoyable time in Japan and wished him the best. He looked pretty embarrassed when we instead of arguing we showed compassion toward him. To all my friends who are not of my faith; I am not here to persuade you to believe something or read the Book of Mormon, I am out here to share a message that is near and dear to my heart to the people of Japan, one which has brought me and those around me much happiness. Not to argue with people over beliefs. I really hope and pray whatever religion you are, it makes you truly happy because trust me, I have seen what happens to people who don't believe in anything, they really are missing something. When we got home we went to a basketball store in our area and talked to the man who works there about coming to a big basketball tournament that our mission is having. We then went to another store to buy some goodies to send in my brothers package! We then came home and had the idea to make cinnamon rolls for our Nepalese friends who own a restaurant on the Main Street by our house. We delivered them and they were so excited they served us drinks and talked to us. They even taught us thank you in Nepalese! They are such kind people.

火曜日 Tuesday
After our studies we went on splits with the Japanese elders again. This time I was with Elder Fukuchi (the kanji for his name is 福地, which translates to happy land in English). He is awesome, he goes home in three weeks so it was good to talk to him about learning Japanese. He is fluent in both languages which is really cool. When he goes home he will study marine biology in Okinawa! After we planned for our day we went to Ikuta, it is the last station in our area about a half hour train ride. It was fun, we talked to a bunch of people and gave out 5 Book of Mormons! It was pretty cool, being fluent in the language really does make a huge difference when talking to people. When we came home we had a delicious stew then went back out and talked to more people. It was a pretty laid back day. 

水曜日 Wednesday 
My day began with Elder Fukuchi. Him and I had our studies which he gave me some advice on how to better my Japanese, it was great, I loved the tough love. It was Elder Fukuchis last split, he goes home in two weeks. After we switched back my companion and I had some studies together, it was good to have my normal companion back. We then left for Nagatsuta to walk around the park and talk to people. It was awesome, we played basketball with some of the teenagers in the park. I fell on my ankle kind of funny. Dress shoes aren't made for touching rim. After the game we talked to the guys we played with about church. One guy spoke fluent English and had an Australian accent. He had received a Book of Mormon in Canada when he was there, but it was in English so he didn't understand it well. So we gave him a japanese Book of Mormon and he started teaching the kids about it! It was an awesome miracle. Then on our way back home we took the bike trail, then at a stop light we saw a mint greet Audi and a bunch of men taking pictures of it. Naturally the two of us wanted to go see. So we talked to them and invited them to church. They were really cool. When we got home we made pancakes! It was delicious. Then we went to eaikiwa! It was awesome. We only had one student since today was a holiday (founding of japan day). Since he was the only one he taught us in English about Japan's history! It was way cool! He even taught us some words in Samuri, Samuri is its own language, and it sounds awesome. He also taught us about the Japanese caste system the Samuri were on top, in fact even over the emperor, then came the farmers! The farmers were the second most important people in ancient Japanese society! Then comes the carpenters followed by the merchants. It was a neat history lesson of Japan. After we got home for the night and planned for the next day we watched the life of Thomas S. Monson. It was fun and relaxing to watch a movie on the IPad after a long day. 

木曜日 Thursday
Our morning began with a rather painful run because of my rolled ankle. After we went to zone meeting. It was really good. There were a lot of inspired trainings to help us as missionaries find the people of Japan. After the meeting we began our trek back home. We wanted to get some black thunder ice cream because this is the only time of year they sell them in Japan. We need up talking to a bunch of prepared and wonderful people, it was awesome. After coming home and eating lunch we had our weekly planning. We set up some lessons for the upcoming week and prepared for more things going on. After we went to Shinyurigoka to Kubari and talk to people. On our way we met our neighbors, he is an American from California! It was way cool, he was awesome, it turns out his brother is a member. We have a lurking suspicion that he may be a member as well. When we went and kubaried we met some neat people and invited them to church. We then met John, he is from New York, and way nice to us! Usually foreigners aren't super nice to missionaries. He wasn't that way at all, he asked to learn more about our message! It was an awesome miracle! 

金曜日 Friday 
After our normal studies, we went on a journey to go meet the car guys we met the other day. We met a husband and wife, they loved us, and told us we had beautiful hands, it was way cool. We kept walking and ran into all kinds of people that were prepared and open. When we arrived at the car shop they were putting hydraulics on a cool car. It was fun, they told us how they work and we invited them to church. After coming home we got ready for sports night and made our way there. We met our friend Suzuki there, after playing some basketball we gave him a church tour. We met Suzuki a few weeks ago, he works at the bike shop that my companion had his bike fixed at! We had no idea why my companions bike broke when it happened. We now know why! It is way neat to see the miracle in full perspective. He said he has read some of the Book of Mormon already and wants to learn more! Way cool we call people that are that prepared kingin or gold people.

土曜日 Saturday 
After studies we got a call from Sister Wada telling me I had to go to the hospital for my foot. She was worried it was really bad. We went to a different hospital than last time and went in and they said I was the last patient for the day! It was super nice of them! They told me I needed an X-Ray so they brought me in a room that looks like it is from the 50s in fact it probably was. It was pretty sketchy, they didn't put lead on me like they do in America. They then told me my foot was just badly swollen and that I need to stay off it for a few weeks. We then went to the pharmacist office to get the bandages they want me to wear. It took us a while to fill out the paperwork, well us in the sense my companion helped me/did all of it. We then went to the church and found the wheel chair so I can stay off my foot but we can still dendo. We shot hoops with the kids that were there. There are always kids playing basketball which is awesome! We had a great district meeting after where we discussed different things our district needed to do to become better. Our district has improved a ton, we are working super hard. We then went to Ho,e and everyone wanted to talk to us because I was in a wheelchair it was awesome and hilarious! After dinner we went to Tsurakawa, but on our way we met a man from chile! He was so receptive, and wanted to learn more about it! It was so cool! We then kubaried at Tsurukawa and I met a women from somewhere in the Middle East who had a lot of interest in our English class! It was pretty cool! I love meeting all the people around the world. 

日曜日 Sunday
After waking up I made crepes for my apartment! They were delicious! We then went to church. The bishop in our ward is going to California this week to give a presentation for his company, so naturally my companion and I told him some great hamburger places in the us. After church we talked with different people from our ward to get to know them better. I have noticed anyone that is 40-50 and younger I can understand decently well. People who are older have very difficult Japanese to understand. On our way home we housed some peoples houses continued home to have lunch. After lunch we went to shinyurigoaka to find a referral we received from the zone leaders. He is Nepalese! I love Nepalese people, we taught him the entire first lesson in only a short little while! It was so cool, they are so kind and want to learn more. It was so strange teaching in English, I was translating what I was going to say into Japanese then back into English, it was way weird! After we went to the curry shop of the people we gave cinnamon rolls to, to check up on them. They gave us laggese (I think that is how it is spelled). It was delicious, we Also learned some Hindi! Shukudia means thank you! 

Hope you all are doing genki back home! I am fine. My ankle isn't that bad. 


Elder Nathan Dunn

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