Sunday, December 21, 2014

Soaked, a Bike Crash, and a Christmas Party

こんにちわ 皆さん!

This week has been crazy busy! 

Monday 月曜日
Busy day! We went to the grocery store and emailed home. We then went to Diaso, it is a dollar general, or dollar tree in America, it is seriously amazing. Everything is a dollar. After dinner we roll played lessons then I cut Elder Kennedy's hair! You'd be proud mom, it looks good. 

Tuesday 火曜日
One of the longest days of my life. We met with Oosawa, he is sort of an investigator, it was a good and simple meeting. It started to rain a little so we grabbed umbrellas and headed to the south most part of our area to dendo (the word for doing missionary work). We took a train down and looked at some exotic cars, no one was really down there so we decided to walk home which is about a 2 hour walk normally, it wasn't raining hard so we thought it'd be a good idea. Half an hour in the wind picked up hard, to the point that it broke my umbrella. And continued for another 3 hours. We left our apartment at 1 in the afternoon and got home at 7 completely soaked, to the point where my shoes were better at holding water than repelling it. We took showers are dinner and went to Diaso to get some chocolate, then we made microwave treats, which were awesome! My feet hurt for the following 4 days they were so sore.

Wednesday 水曜日
In the morning we went to the Hombu to have a training on Facebook. On our way there I was literally packed into a train, so tightly I couldn't move. If they were that packed in America there would be fights no doubt. We went to the gym in the afternoon and talked to a ton of people, (I am amazed how much it really works, it must have to do with the relaxed setting or something). I talked to a swimmer for a good little bit, we exchanged numbers. That night I taught eikaiwa (English class), we are usually supposed to teach actual lessons but the people that were there were basically fluent, so get this, one of the worst people at English (myself) is teaching people! We discussed all kinds of things and we talked a lot about American culture. One man was obsessed with acronyms, it was pretty funny we defined a ton of them. 

Thursday 木曜日
We had zone conference which was awesome, they had some really good trainings. After they did splits! I was with a transfer 2 missionary, named elder Johnson. We decided to talk to as many people as possible and we did! We had a teaching appointment with members, but I couldn't find there house. We knocked all over, in fact a man brought us into his house and wouldn't let us leave until we found it, Japanese people really are this kind to everyone. He brought us to the house and it still was the wrong one. We left but were able to talk to the man a lot about the gospel, it was a miracle in disguise. 

Friday 金曜日
Today we were joined by another missionary making a tripanionship! So elder Johnson, elder Kojima, and I walked to shinyurigoka, our intended place the day before, but we didn't make it. On our way we talked to a man who spoke old man Japanese , which is super hard to understand, the native elder with us was having a hard time understanding as well.It was good, I was swamped with people coming up to me and asking me English questions my favorite was a Nepalis man, who wanted to learn more about the church. We talked for a good little bit. Then we split back to our normal companion ships. We had sports night (this is for our investigators) which was fun! We play a lot of ping pong. They had me talk to everyone at the end and give a spiritual thought in Japanese. I talked about Christmas and missionary work. I was surprised at how much I could say! 

Saturday 土曜日
It rained again today so we went to the gym to talk to people, we talked to a few people, an old man was obsessed with the Americans, it was great. After we biked to the church in the rain and I wrecked, not bad, I'm fine you can hardly notice. I hit a curb funny and fell, you'd be amazed how close we ride to cars. We got hymn books from the church then went to shinyurigoka (新百合ケ丘, if you google this it should come up) to go caroling for a little bit. It was awesome, we talked to a lot of people about Christmas. Then we went back to the church and had young men's activities with the young men. I played tennis. The youth here are awesome! After I cut my hair. I was surprised at how much easier it is than I thought. My companion helped a little.

Sunday 日曜日
We had 8 investigators at church! It was awesome. A sister who just got back from her mission came and brought her friend. He is a golden investigator, and we are meeting with him often, he is going to progress quickly. We had our Christmas concert we sung an arrangement of pochelbelles canon and the first Noel, it was awesome! The ward members gave us a ton of food for Christmas, it was very generous and kind. A quote I really loved this week that put the mission in perspective is, "I am told that over the entrance to a great European university campus there is an inscription that says that "nothing worthwhile ever comes to a person except by the anguish of his soul and the sweat of his brow." (The Purpose of Life: To Be Proved)"

I hope everyone knows this aren't the only things I do on a mission, there is a lot of other places we go and talk to a lot more people, these are just highlights of my week. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas this week and take some time to realize the true meaning of Christmas. I know this year I have. 

Love you all! 

Elder Nathan Dunn

P.s. I upload all my pictures to my blog, my previous posts are there as well.


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